Need tips and advice on quitting smoking: Help?

I recently found out I am pregnant at six weeks (yay!), but I’m really struggling to quit smoking… is there any tips or ways some of you helped to cope with quitting? I wanna be able to stop as soon as possible. Most of my cravings are when I’m at work and right in the morning time when I wake up. I cut out coffee completely (normally 3 cups a day), and it helped a little for the morning. Thank you in advance!!


Suck on hard candies or chew gum

Honestly, I subscribed to the subreddit ‘stopsmoking’, on their sidebar is a really good lisy of resources to help. The community on there is really good at supporting everyone, including me!

And some may not agree with this but, stress is the worse thing for baby. So dont stress yourself out about quitting. My OB told me it was best to take a few puffs then to stress out to the max when I was quitting. Use your own judgement though


I started with the long goal of quitting and the short term goal of cutting down…I wasn’t able to quit but I was down to like 5 cigs a day by third trimester…started at 6/7 weeks prego

Talk to your doctor first. I’ve been told by doctors that quitting suddenly can cause stress to the baby.

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I used an app called Smoke Free. It help me, I would also eat hard candy, chew on gum, baby carrots.

My husband’s cousin was told by her doctor to switch to vaping with her first pregnancy and that worked for her. That was 7 years ago.

Quitting is very hard, with my boys 17 and 3 I just couldn’t smoke because I was afraid it would hurt them and I could have a miscarriage or stillbirth. That may be extreme thoughts but I suffer with anxiety. I even abruptly stopped taking my Zoloft and extended anti anxiety medicine. I was to the point where the doctors were giving me meds to calm me down and wouldn’t I wouldn’t take. Only told you all that to let you see how extreme I can be. I did start back smoking like a dummy after delivery. I know it’s hard. Good luck!! Take care and enjoy your pregnancy, such a precious time❤️

Chew on straw pretzel gum

I chewed gum everytime i had a craving. And eventually even the smell of a cigarette was repulsive to me

A small tip to try to use , a lot of time it can be habit, my bad habit, smoking in a car (without kids in it! ) so once I stopped one small habit, I worked on another like no smoking at work etc take small steps and in return it will lead to your destination! And as mentioned above, please make sure to be honest with your doctor and what they recommend first! Good luck and congrats :heart::heart::heart::heart:

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I bought cigarettes that made me nauseous.

I used cream of tarter mixed in a glass of orange juice. Two weeks later i didn’t want or need to smoke anymore. Im not sure if that’s safe being pregnant but it works. Google it theres info about it.

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I don’t smoke, so I don’t really understand what it feels like. I heard it’s harder then stoping drugs. On the other side, I can’t imagine doing anything that could hurt my baby. I stopped all caffeine, including chocolate. Stopped soda and forced veggies down. That to me was hard. I can’t imagine what you are going through. Talk to your doctor. Good luck.


Do it for the baby growing inside of you,their health and your health

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I saw this, idk if it works or not?

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It’s really hard to quit. Me personally I told myself it’s about my baby not my want. I know easier said then done. Otherwise holding a cinnamon stick in your fingers when you’re craving one. Sounds silly I know but really it’s two things you’re wanting. Nicotine and the “habit” the cinnamon stick feels like a cigarette in your hand. Yea it doesn’t help with the nicotine part. But it helped with the habit part.

I was 6 months pregnant when i found out and smoked the whole time. When my baby was born Dr said she was really healthy for me to have smoked with her. He said he didn’t see any signs of me smoking while pregnant. Guess i was really lucky to have a healthy baby

Laura James how did you do it? As you did amazing with stopping pretty quick when you were pregnant and you have managed to not go back after!