Needing a coming home outfit ideas!

What did you do for a coming home outfit? Or an outfit for announcements? My fiancé and I are at a loss and need ideas


I made shirts that said Team Jacob on it

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Coming home outfit i wore loose sweatpants a nursing tank and a sweatshirt. Just make sure whatever it is, is comfortable youll be greatful

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I got a white onesie, pants, socks, and a hat. I had my parents, grandparents, and siblings all write a note or draw a picture. Then I took the notes/pictures and printed them in iron on paper. I put all the notes/pictures on the onesie and pants so my son had a special one of a kind outfit to come home in.

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While pregnant have all these cute ideas but after giving birth Hunny your gonna be happy just to be going home :rofl:


My son wore jeans and a baby bear onesie and a baby snow suit (it was -30°F) when and where he was born. I wore a nursing tank, a pair of leggings because post partum edema is a thing, and my winter jacket. His birth announcement was a picture of my baby in his hospital blanket and my parents holding him.

Something comfy. Like sweat pants and a hoody no bra

And for the baby just a onsie

My mom is a bit extreme …lol. She usually buys the coming home outfit unless we…my sis n laws and i…chose something else. She never disappoints

A friend of mine did matching jammies for her and the baby


Mine was middle of summer so a comfy dress for me and a cute onesie for him that said “my siblings have paws :paw_prints:

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I wore a maternity dress to go home just wanted to get home i could have been in a pajamas for all i care…and the babies wore onesies…

For baby: Make sure it’s comfy and warm no matter what season it is. I gave birth in the summer but didn’t realize my son was going to lose so much weight while in NICU and get chilly easily. Poor guy went home in a short sleeve onesie, sweatpants, and no socks… oops! The simplest things work best. If I could go back in time I would’ve gotten a zippered pajama onesie (or sleep n’ play). Also make sure to have a couple different sizes, like NB and 0-3 months. I expected a 9+ pounder and came home with a 6 pounder.

For me: I wore a maxi dress home with a cardigan to wear over it. I wanted nothing to touch my belly. I did have a postpartum wrap that I wore out of the hospital and it did help me feel better and less self-conscious. Sandals felt amazing because my poor feet were still swollen!

I had a comfy plain dress and just a short onesie for my baby. It wasn’t important to me as we weren’t coming home to anyone lol. I was scared too, so outfits didn’t occur to me!