Needing a first name that goes well with the middle name Nayeli

My daughter name is Nayeli Isabel. Just switch it around

Jane. It’s simple and works well

Isela pronounced ee sell a

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Malani… That is my granddaughters name.

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angelika is nice name or Gloria

Our family has the name Veah that is passed on. It is shortened from Neveah which is heaven spelled backwards

My daughter name is Elena

My nieces name is Mia Nyali

Jennifer goes well with that name

Lynne Nayeli would work too.

My daughter is Madison Yaneli

My daughters name is Tela pronounced with a long E

I’ll give you my granddaughter’s name…try Lorelai Nayeli.

Maria nayeli. Congrats on the pregnancy

My granddaughter is Elayna, or Alaina

Lacy, Lanee, Paige, Piper, Rayna

U’ve certainly have names to choose from now​:grinning::grinning::white_check_mark:

Allison nick name Ally

Elvira, Lori, Julia, Evangeline, Liza, and Sandra…

If you’re going for a hispanic name, how about Brisa Nayali?