Needing a schedule for my kids

I have a five-year-old and a 1.5-year-old. Can anyone help me think of a schedule that will work for both of them? Since their needs differ so much, it is hard to come up with one that would benefit both of them. My five-year-old is homeschooling this year.


Also following. 3 and 1 over here. Solidarity. :fist:

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Here’s an example of what we do (2yr old) and I think you can fit homeschooling into this too!
8:30am- breakfast/free play
9-10am - outside (weather permitting)
10am - snack and screen time (we watch 2 episodes of Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood. Due to a medication my son has to have at 10am and then has to be calm for a bit)This would be a good time for school work for big kid too!
11am- activity of some sort. Sometimes we run errands, sometimes it’s learning related, sometimes it’s outside again
12pm- lunch.
1pm - nap time (my kid sleeps from 1-3:30/4 but do a short one for your oldest and then get more work done for homeschooling!)
4pm/4:30 (depending on when he wakes up) snack and activity (water play inside or outside etc)
5:30: free play while I make dinner
6pm - dinner
7:15pm- bath and bed. Kiddo in bed by 7:45pm at the latest

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Kids wake if the one year old not toilet trained change nappy give kids breakfast drink bath dress them for day then tell them you have ten minutes play then sit them at the table do some home schooling for 5 yr old and let the 1 year old explore with pencils or washable safe textas and draw for as long as they can sit still then tell them they can have morning tea soon and prepare that while they have a play run around then feed kids give them a drink then do some reading to them and play some kids sing along music that can get them dancing if 1 yr old sleeps let let one year old have a sleep after eaten lunch back to table fpr 5 year old more schooling then when 1 yr old wakes then do afternoon snack drink (check bub if needs nappy changing regular and do it when needs doing).take them outside for walk play go shop if need to go buy stuff for the house etc then go home .ask 5 year old if they want to help u prepare tea ans get the 5 year old to help with what is safe while keeping eye on 1 yr old then let them watch some educational age appriate tv programs while you cook tea.feed kids bath them tell them in 20 minutes you will put them to bed and read them a good night story and tuck them into bed.goodnight kiddies

Wake up by 7
Set up 5 year old with school work if he can do some independently, playtime for baby
Nap for baby (and 5 year old if needed)
If 5 year old doesn’t nap, work on school work together
Playtime for both kids
More play time
Baths, bedtime stories and bedtime at 8 or 9

My kids bedtimes are all the same… Age shouldn’t matter 9 o’clock pm bed time yr round up at 6 for school. No reason a kid needs to be up past 10pm or sleep past 10am

I have a 3 and 2 year old. When they wake up between 8 and 9 am, we change diapers and have breakfast. Then we cuddle.for a little bit. My 3 year old loves cuddling. Then we play inside or outside then at 11:30am they eat lunch. But 12pm they are both taking a nap. 2 year pld.takes a nap every day. 3 year old takes a rest. Then wake up about 3, change diapers, go outside and play, dinner between 5:30 and 6. 6:30 bath time. And they are in bed at 7pm. 7:30 at the absolute latest.

traditional homeschooling or online learning?

Incorporate some learning with playtime. Number activities, colours,alphabet. make it fun. Give them 2 choices on what activities they want to do. Dont foeget to reward Good behavior.

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