Needing advice about anxiety and depression

Hi, I’m seeking advice on anxiety or depression medication. I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression on and off (from the age of 11 to now almost 22). I never wanted to use medication as I’m scared to “rely” on something my entire life but now understand that if it is what helps me, maybe I should consider it. I’m really scared to try any medication because of the side effects or how it can make you feel worse. Has anyone been on these types of medications, and can you share your experience? I’m not sure how to go about it or where to even start. Sadly, when I told my doctor about it once, she prescribed me anxiety pills, but didn’t even tell me what they were I had to ask all the questions myself, which made me feel like they actually didn’t even care but just wanted my appointment to finish which sucked. I just want to feel better, I’m tired of fighting a battle in my head everyday. Please, I need encouraging words so bad right now. I feel so low and I have no family support either.


I have had to do a “trial and error” period to find the right meds for me. I have more anxiety then depression and am on Lexapro. I love it. It will take some time to see what works for you. Just give it time and listen to your brain. You are the only one who knows how you feel. Good luck!!! And don’t feel bad for getting help!!


Same! I finally found a doctor to listen alittle more to understand me. I take ativan for the really bad times and the other times i just wing it bc I’m afraid of being dependent forever. They prescribed me lexapro that i dont take😭🤷 Just know you arent alone amd the bad times do pass!

My advice would be find a new pcp if you don’t feel comfortable talking to the doctor you have now you need a new one. Second you need to discuss how you feel about medicine with the doctor. Normally they will start you off on a lower dose and do a follow up in a month and adjust the medicine as it’s needed…

I took 10mg of Lexapro for about a year after my Mom died. I was also in therapy. The lexapro helped manage symptoms while I worked some things out with my therapist. After I felt like I had a better handle on things, I ditched the meds.

I’m not against medications, but hoping you’ve exhausted all other options first. I don’t know your story, but have you tried going to the gym regularly or working out 4 to 5 times per week? Also, lots of water and multivitamins. I hate to see people put chemicals in their bodies w/o exhausting other measures first. Working out and eating healthy has completely changed everything for me, so I know it works. Otherwise, sorry I don’t have additional advice

As hard as it may seem, try to always remember that you are NOT alone! So many suffer from this, myself included! Don’t ever be embarrassed to be on medication. I was that way for a very long time but it truly does help if you can find the right combo for you and the right doctor as well. A good therapist helps also. Here if you need to just talk!

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From my experience, depression/anxiety meds are all trial and error. Something that works for someone else may not work for you and visa versa. Honestly, your best bet would be to find a real therapist and make an appointment with someone who has way more knowledge in drugs for your brain verses a PCP who sometimes just prescribes meds they may get a kick back for. Not to mention, counseling is necessary with medication to get the full effect (at least in my opinion)

My kid takes allergy & asthma meds because he can’t function without it. My other kid takes ADHD meds because he can’t function without it. If you need it to function day to day, why would you withhold it from yourself? Treat it like any other necessary medication.


They do a dna test that tells you what meds work best for your system. You have to find a psychiatrist that works with one of the company’s cause it is expensive

First find a new doctor. Sometimes you have to try different meds that work for you. A good doctor will help with this. Good luck

I took depression and anxiety meds separately and now I take Zoloft and it helps with both, which means I don’t have to take multiple pills. The dosage is what you need to watch, if it feels like it’s not working, let your doctor know. They can change that or try something else. I would suggest a new doctor and make sure it’s someone you’re comfortable with.


You need to find a new PCP. Ask for a referral to a psychiatrist. Make sure they go over side effects & risks. Then research the medication yourself before filling it. Many drs will prescribe meds that will cause side effects or long term affects that require more treatment or medication. It’s the pharmacy game in America. There’s no phyc drug that doesn’t have possible side effects.

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As a therapist, I would recommend CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). It does require doing homework but can be very effective. Don’t get discouraged good treatment is available. The right medication can also help.

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For one . The best advice on meds you will get is from the pharmacies. 2nd been there done that. What you need is a support well taking these meds

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Definitely seek help. I take lexapro for both. I also talk with a therapist.

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Stay off the meds and try edibles! So much better for you.

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I have had like every medication out there and had reactions to all of them the drs tell me there is nothing they can do for me it really stinks

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I take medicine. It’s very important you find a good doctor first. The medicine for anxiety and depression is all trial and error. It took me a few tries to find the right one. But with the right doctor it’s possible. It’s also good to do other things to help like talk therapy and exercise.


Ive taken meds for anxiety and depression for about 30 years.sounds crazy, but it makes the difference for me .my gyn/ob was actually 1st dr to rx for me.she was so understanding, probably she went through it herself. But finding a good dr is key, if your dr doesnt listen or doesnt explain look for a new dr. I think sometimes we all forget the doctor works for us.i wish you the best luck.:heart: