Needing advice about complete placenta previa

Did anyone suffer from complete placenta previa? I am 35 weeks tomorrow and haven’t so much had the slightest bit of bleeding, but today I wiped, and it was extremely light pink. My doctor’s nurse said just to watch it and don’t panic unless it turns bright red. I also have an appt at 10 am. Has anyone else ever had pp and light bleeding this far along. Should you be worried?


I have placenta previa but only 29 weeks. My dr said that bleeding can be normal the further along due to irritation of the placenta and causing the blood vessels to bleed. That spotting it not a high concern it’s more when you start bleeding into a pad.

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At 34 weeks I had that and started to hemmorage, but I was having labor pains too and this was 36 yrs ago. I know technology can probably detect now before it gets that far. The baby and I are fine, she was just a little early at 4lbs 10 oz

I had a complete pp and luckily never had any bleeding throughout my pregnancy but my doctors went ahead and did a c-section at 36 weeks to make sure I didn’t go into labor and bleed out. Are you scheduled for a C-section!

Sounds like your plug. I had placenta previa. My daughter was born at 36 weeks with no complications. Good luck!