Needing advice about flat head syndrome

My son will be 12 weeks on Saturday, and I was looking for advice or recommendations for “flat head syndrome” I try to keep him upright and off the back of his head as much as possible. He hates tummy time, but I let him cry for a few mins and, of course, feel awful the whole time. I also try to rub his head, hoping to help mold it all throughout the day. Not sure if it could be related, but when he was born, his right ear was folded over (nurse says from him laying on it for a long time while in the womb), but it’s also the right side of the head that’s flat, not sure if any correlation. I was looking for any advice or recommendations to help round his head out some.


I used to rotate my sons head every time he went to sleep. Each time he fell asleep I turned his head to the opposite side it was the last time

The same thing happened with my sonn the ear and everything and as he grows his head is filling out. Doctors may say to flip his bed 180 so that he ll have to turn his head the other way when he sleeps, (listening for your sounds or light ) AMD if he has his head turned in hold him in the other arm.
He should have a 4 month check up soon and docs will tell you what to do

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Aww… My son will be 13 weeks tomorrow. But my advice is to ask his pediatrician.

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My son had the same problem. I used a chiropractor which used gentle touch to relax the muscles on both sides of his neck so he rotated his head more freely. I also got a flat head pillow for babies from amazon, and let him sleep on it as long as I was supervising.

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I saw a special head pillow that helps with this . Look it up I am sure it will come up .

My grandson had to wear a helmet, it helped

My daughter HATED tummy time so I held her on my chest for her tummy time. It worked great and her head shaped up really well

My daughter’s pediatrician told me her head was looking flat and to keep her sleeping on her side. She was about 2 months old. I had her sleeping on her sides with a rolled up blanket to her back and front so she don’t move. It helped she doesn’t need a helmet at all and her head is round. Try it

Most grow out of it. My first only liked to lay a certain way in her bouncer. The back/side of her head was flat but as she got older and did tummy time or sitting up, it straightened out.

My 2 year old had a flat spot also. We rotated her through out the night to help her look other ways we went to our chiropractor also. The chiropractor helped the most for our daughter. Every case is different thou so definitely talk to your pediatrician

Take him to a specialist so he can start wearing a helmet to shape his little head. The sooner the better and faster outcome. :blush:

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Pop him in a wrap on you for naptime and when you go out, instead of the pram.

I know what I might say will get some backlash but here is how I made sure my son had a round head because my daughter had a flat one. We corrected hers with the methods you listed and probably adding the table excersise with the towel. I bought the memory foam baby pillow from Walmart it has a hole and a dent I let him sleep and lay on it. He is alive and didn’t suffocate

The NICU uses little gel pillows, i wonder if you can find something like that?

Rotate sleeping on sides try not to leave baby laying all of the time. Put blankets around him in a bumbo or other things like that. We did it with My son when he was so small to avoid the flat head.

Ask the Dr for a helmet

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Physical therapy helped my daughter. She went for 3 months once a week and it made an incredible difference!

This was what I used for my son. It was great. There are a few other ones on amazon too.

Rub and rub and rub your baby’s head and help shape it. I know it sounds silly but it works