Needing advice about high cholesterol

I had some blood work done last week, and the doctor called yesterday and tells me that my cholesterol is 400. Has anybody else had this problem and got it back to normal? I’m scared to death. He put me on some medication for it, and I’ve changed my diet, and I go to the gym every day.


I have high cholesterol. My medication caused it.

I been put on meds for it they lowered mine

I have it and been on meds for a while…sometimes it genetics…

Crestor Will get you back to Normal.

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P.S. Get prescripton from Doctor

Dont be scarred. My cholestral used to be very high.cholestral lowering meds work well.sometimes they have to find one that works good for you but they work well.

Good to watch your diet and exercise. The medication will bring it down.

High quality Omega-3 can really help high cholesterol and triglycerides

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My husband’s family has high cholesterol and just do the best you can and keep seeing the doctor

It’s hereditary with me. Tai Chi did wonders for my numbers.