Needing advice about my family and sons birthday

In need of some advice about my son’s 2nd birthday party. Ok, so let me start by letting y’all know that my SOs mom & her own mom tried to fight me at my son’s 1st birthday party. I mean, they acted like animals! I wasn’t about to stoop to their level, especially in front of my son & all of our family, so I just told them to leave. I got a half-ass apology from his mom & no apology from her mom, but I figured I had to deal w them for a while anyway, so ill just let it go, but I made it know that I’m never gonna forgive them for that! Call me petty, but they literally couldn’t keel it together at my son’s 1st birthday party! Well, his 2nd birthday is in a couple of months & Idk if I should invite them. I don’t like them & its obvious they don’t like me, but I don’t really want to hurt anyone’s feelings by not inviting them… But at the same time, I just don’t think they deserve to come & I’m worried something might go down again! What would y’all do if y’all was in my situation?


Talk to your SO. And if you invite them, have it somewhere in public.

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Make your SO talk to them and if they can’t act like adults, make it known ahead of time that they will be asked to leave with no warnings this time.


Nope one and done. Couldn’t behave the first time there is no second


If they are going to cause problems I wouldn’t invite them. Definitely discuss it with your SO but sounds like they are toxic. It takes away from the child’s special day. It’s a no from me!


maybe im just petty but thats a HELL no from me. my sister tried to ruin my wedding and honeymoon multiple times through the day and now i dont invite her to anything. dont invite toxic people into your life and your life will be FAR for peacefull


I had the same thing happen to me at my daughter’s 2nd birthday party me and my so daughter got into because she was jealous of my daughter after that I’ve never invited her to any birthdays she’s had and she’s 5 now it’s not about them it’s about the kids if they can’t keep it together for the child’s sake I would say to hell with them


I wouldn’t invite them. Let you SO take the child to see them on a separate time…but I wouldn’t allow them at the party because of what they did. Talk to SO…both of ubshould be on the same page about it.

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No way, they have no respect for you or your son they literally tried to fight you at your 1 year olds party that’s just trash

Dont invite them? It’s a no brainer lol

Tell then it starts later than it does so you can have some peace during the party

I wouldn’t invite them to another one.

Nope. If you’re comfortable with him going to her place, she can throw him one. Otherwise absolutely not!

Let them throw their own party. No way would they be invited.

Talk to your SO. If he talks to them and can get them to say they won’t cause any problems then do it and see what happens. If they can’t keep from starting shit then you can say you tried and they are never invited again.

I would not invite them and explain the reason why and tell them when they can act like adults and put ur child’s happiness first …then u will invite them. Don’t let anyone ruin that baby’s bday especially immature people and let the whole family know why. Maybe a little humiliation will do the job if not they will b missing out on sharing ur baby’s milestones


I wouldn’t care who tf it is. Show your ass like that at my kid’s party and you’ll never come to another one. I had a sister in law and niece show their ass royally at my son’s party and I now have no contact with them. I blocked them off my social media and they dont have my number. They didn’t show their ass towards me BUT the way they done it and what they said dug that hole too deep for them to find a way out of with me. My mil tried getting us to talk to my sil and we said nope!

I would invite clear message act up u leave never to return again.

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Let them know flat out. This is your last chance if you cannot act like an adult for a few hours you will not be invited to another event.

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Umm. No. If you are ignorant and pathetic and trashy enough to try to fight me, at my child’s birthday party no less, you are obviously not sound minded enough to be around my child. Period.
Not just no, but hell no.
Their feelings would mean nothing to me at that point.

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