Needing advice about my kindergartner having a hard time in school

Need some mom advice. I have no clue what to do and my heart is breaking my baby started kindergarten in August and he enjoyed it the first week. Now, he always seems down when he gets home. I always try to figure out what it is, but when he won’t or can’t tell me, I just normally chalk it up to him being tired. A couple of days ago, he finally broke down and told me he doesn’t have any friends and nobody will play with him when he asks! He has such a big heart. Even when another kid pushed him the second week of school, he just said “that’s ok mommy. Maybe he just doesn’t have a nice mommy and daddy at home like me”. Last week he told me about how one of his classmate didn’t get any candy, so he shared his and then the next day came home and said she wouldn’t play with him because “she must have forgot I shared my candy with her”. As a mom, I feel so stuck. Like there’s nothing I can do! He knows how to be a good friend, for some reason, he just always seems to ask kids to play that don’t want to. Advice? My heart is so broken. Thank you in advance!


Aww bless him, this hurts me for him. I wish I had some awesome advice but I dont . Kids can be really mean

Talk with the teacher have her watch to maybe find out why they won’t play with your child GOOD LUCK

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This breaks my heart :disappointed: I would have a meeting with his teacher and see what’s going on with the class. Maybe she can assign him a special buddy or something to break the ice with other kids

Awe :disappointed: I’m so sorry that that is happening to your boy! My daughter came home one day saying she walked up to some girls in her class and started playing and they told her that they didn’t want her playing with them… my heart broke when I heard that too… but really there is nothing we can do about it… and that is hard. I hope things get better for your little guy. Kids can be so mean.

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I would email the teacher and make he/she aware of how he feels and what’s going on. They can’t help if they aren’t aware of the situation. I feel if the teacher knew she could help.


Talk with the teacher is my only suggestion. Share your concern and see if she can help by sitting him by a friendlier child or help him in joining in with playing the games with the other kids at recess.

My girl would be his friend! She loves everyone but tends to be treated differently due to her autism it’s annoying and we always want what’s best for our babies and it seems yours is a wonderful kid! I always tell my kids “be the friend you’d want” and to always be themselves. As long as they have 1 friend they don’t need to worry about more. I would suggest a play date of sorts. Maybe if you know any of the kids parents set something up?

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Get him involved with an out of school activity to make friends . Anytime my daughter has these issues I tell her it’s ok let’s find some new ones .

If it’s allowed make cupcakes for the whole class and have him present them. This worked with my kids. They were new to the school and class. It was hard to make friends. But after cup cakes they all was like your a cool kid.

This might be a corny idea but there’s an episode of Daniel Tiger about sharing with your friends. Maybe you can see about purchasing it and recommending an activity on sharing? And maybe bake something for the whole class to incorporate into the lesson as well. That’s how I fixed the sharing and playing nice thing with my kids and the kids I’ve babysat.

Have you spoken to his teacher? That would be my first step :blush:

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Ugh! This is the worst! My daughter is the same way! She’s such a sweetheart and girls take advantage or look at her as a target. It has gotten better as she got older. It is absolutely heartbreaking. Maybe talk to his teacher so she knows whats going on and how upset he is. Good [email protected]

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Talk to the teacher to see what she is seeing in the classroom, tell her about your concern…sometimes kids can over exaggerate…seems odd that at kindergarten the whole class would be that way.

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Contact his teacher and the school counselor asap. Let them know what’s happening. They likely know which students are friendly enough to be an “ambassador” for your little guy. Barring that, they will certainly offer some extra encouragement and some extra praise in the classroom to him.

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Volunteer in his class and at recess.


I have no advice but I am so sorry… my son has gone thru this since 1st grade… he’s now in 4th. He’s nice & loves to socialize and play but for some reason the other kids don’t like him… he’s not sporty enough or something. Idk… He sits alone for lunch & recess… there is just nothing I can do. We talk about it all the time, I think he just accepts it now. I feel so bad… he is so cool & interesting to me :disappointed: I’m praying for you

Talk to his teacher, see if she has noticed anything

Talk to the teacher. My son was similar. Came to find out, reason was he would get TO up in the other kids spaces and kinda intimidate em without meaning to. So teacher had the whole class go over personal space and how everyone has to remember to be nice etc
Then I talked to my son about keeping an arm’s length until playing. As people are allowed their space. He then gained 2 buddies and was good to go :slight_smile:

At this age, bring it to teachers attention…Hopefully she will do something…If it continues, continue to be his advocate and make sure somethings done