Needing advice about my toddlers sleep habits

If you have a problem with this…i suggest you dont have another kid anytime soon


If you aren’t planning on getting pregnant in the next 6 months and you have a whole almost 10 months before the baby does arrive if y’all conceive right away, I wouldn’t worry about it right now. That’s over a year away and she will grow out of it eventually. We don’t rock our 18 month old to sleep, but due to circumstances, she had to learn how to self soothe a while ago. But since your baby is used to rocking to sleep this long, I don’t think you HAVE to cut it out just yet unless you want to.

I laid my baby in the crib and rubbed her back to break her of that

Keep rocking her , they grow too fast Mommy :heart::heart::heart:

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Rock her until she no longer wants it… I miss rocking mine!

I loved rocking my babies. She is only 18 months. When I would sit down and rock for a bit, it was relaxing to me also. I did it with my toddler when I was pregnant with the 2nd baby. She will outgrow the need, and you can start different bedtime routines. But YOU will treasure those “rocks” more than you know. My babies are in their 30’s now.:slightly_smiling_face:

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I feel like this is a super personal choice. My kids as infants were rocked or walked to sleep, but as soon as they were 1-1.5 they were falling asleep independently. We used nightlights, music, white noise machines or fans… My husband was the strict one on time frame. I was strict that they take naps at certain times… We now have a 10, 7 and 5 year olds that receive stories read to them but they fall asleep independently as I have way too much house work to do otherwise…

So in my opinion, If your kiddo can fall asleep independently at daycare then they cal sleep at home independently. Do a nice routine, solid on times and what you will and won’t do, and stick to it. First few nights might be rough but you will appreciate some alone time in the evening if you aren’t rocking each night.

Babies grow up way to quickly before you know it they are grown and gone. Enjoy this time you have with your little one and rock away. When you have the next one rock both at the same will never get these days back and the memories you make now will be the best memories of your lifre. They are only little once and out grow these special times way to quickly. The dishes and laundry will always be there but your babies will grow up and be gone .enjoy the time you have with them

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I’ve been rocking my 4 yr old since the day she was born… I kinda need answers to this also! Lol.

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Rock her. She will be 9 before you blink. Enjoy every second.

Why quit? If you had twins, you would rock both. You said rocking puts her to sleep in 10 minutes. Just plan on feeding new baby around her bed time rock. Daycare for my little one always surprised that I got us up early enough that I could feed and rock her before dropping her off at daycare. She didn’t cry with hunger while the other infants arrived.

I would try to replace it with story time. Reading age appropriate books are a must

I wouldn’t worry about the second baby thing until it’s really happening. I’m sure you will get alot of advice but in my opinion you should just play it by ear. You will have to figure out the perfect remedy for your 2 in tow. :heartpulse: You can try to phase out the rocking, or replace it with something else. Also remember that you are getting opinions from parents that do attachment parenting(me) and others that do not. Parents that work and others that do not . Take all the advice but shape it into yours​:heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:


I wouldn’t worry about the other baby aspect. During my pregnancy, my 18 month old was sleeping the night through in his own bed. Since the babies come along, he’s been in bed with us every night. I do keep putting him back in his own bed but he just comes back. There’s always one child in my bed lol To be honest, I’d just embrace it. I have a 6 year old aswell who always slept with me, then one night he just stayed in his own bed. They are only small for such a short time xx

Does she get rocked at daycare

Never! They grow up way to fast! You’ll miss rocking her when you can’t, 'cause she’s to big…