Needing advice about paternity tests

Need some input regarding paternity testing and how it works? Have people gone to a medical lab with the potential father, and if so, do they pay out of pocket? How much does that cost? Also, if anyone has gone the route of at-home paternity testing and how accurate they found it to be? Thanks in advance for any assistance!


My wife used an over the counter one from CVS and paid to have the results sent out to be sure. It was like $100 and was just as accurate as the court test

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Not sure on the price but I had to get a court ordered dna test with my daughters father, he had to pay so im not sure on that part but i had to take myself and my daughter to the hospital for us both to be swabbed, and her father went to a different hospital and got swabbed. Got the results in 1 week.

You can get them online around $300

For it to be court worthy it has to be done at a DNA place. U can also get them at Walgreens for like 40 bucks and pay the 200 fee to get the results.

They court ordered ours. Basically if he was the father, he had to pay, if he wasn’t the father, I had to pay. He was obviously the father so he ended up paying for it.


In Pennsylvania(at least the last I knew), when going through domestic relations for support, if the male disputed paternity, a test is given right there in court with all three present. If it comes back he is the father, he pays the court cost as well as the cost for the test. If he isn’t, the female pays for them.

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Might be cheaper just to do

I had to get court ordered from my son’s father. We had to go to court a couple times then I had to bring my son into the court for the three of us to get the DNA test. He was pissed afterwards because he had to pay for it and child support because he didn’t think he’d be paying anything in child support just wanted the DNA test (we both knew my son was his but he wanted “prove” :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:)

I’m in Maryland. When my son was born, my now ex-husband insisted that it wasn’t his kid and that I had slept with my ex and gotten pregnant (I had not). In Maryland, in the eyes of the law, the husband is automatically the father, no matter what. And I mean no matter what. I’m white. My ex-husband was white. Had the baby been biracial, it wouldn’t have mattered because the husband is the father. I couldn’t afford a paternity test and my ex-husband had no interest in paying for one because he was positive that wasn’t his son. In Maryland, if a woman files for child support and the father denies the baby, the state will do a paternity test. If it comes back he is the father, then he has to pay for the test. If it comes back he is not the father, the state pays for it. So I had to take my ex, that my ex-husband was saying was the father, file for child support on him so he could deny my son and get the test to prove he wasn’t the father. I would suggest contacting your local DHR or DSS. They should be able to help, or at least guide you.

I did one with my ex and it was at a lab and it was over 400$