Needing advice for cradle cap

What is good for cradle cap?


Baby oil in bath water water use soft baby brush massage scalp :slight_smile:

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Take some baby oil and rub it on the scalp, then gently come it out. Make sure not to be too rough when combing, because it may cause the scalp to bleed. Don’t ever pick the cradle cap off of the scalp, as that could cause scabbing

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Breastmilk or coconut oil!

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Straight baby oil is all I ever used

We used aquaphor. Rub it in their head and brush it out. It work like magic on my daughter.

We had to switch shampoos! Nothing else helped. Aveeno is all we can use or by baby’s skin dries out and is scaly.

I used virgin coconut oil

Put some baby oil on it and let it sit for 20min then gently comb it out with a baby comb. Then rinse and wash. My son had it bad and this was the only thing that worked.


Cradle cap comb from farmers! After bath! Does not take off the hair at all! Got rid of my boys really bad cradle cap in two gos after months of me using other things!

Baby oil, coconut oil… limit hair washing with shampoo to once a week but wash with warm water daily. Brush the scalp. I added a little baby powder to the bristles before brushing also

Breastmilk and a very soft toothbrush

baby oil, coconut oil, Cetaphil baby wash and shampoo

Our doctor recommended a medicated shampoo for cradle cap, baby oil and a tooth brush. Our daughter had it extremely bad and we did the method one time and its gone. You put baby oil on their head and let is sit for 15-20 minutes. You then take a soft toothbrush and make their hair a little wet and put small amounts of the shampoo on the booth brush and scrub lightly in circular motions. Works and my daughter didn’t mind it at all. She didn’t have much hair on the top of her head and weeks after we got the cradle cap off she had tons of hair!

We used Happy Cappy that I bought at our local Walgreens.

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aquaphor! put it on before bed, let it sit all night and comb it out the next morning

Baby oil works amazing! Let it sit on there for a few minutes then brush through! Wash hair couple times after

Our doctor recommended dandruff shampoo. He said that cradle cap is essentially baby dandruff. And just like regular dandruff it is a build up of dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria so the shampoo will help break it down. It worked wonders for us.

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I used Dr.Bronners Pure Castile Soap and it worked great for daughter. Only took a couple washes and it was gone.

The one time my daughter had it I used an exfoliating facial wash cloth I bought at Walmart for $2 and her normal dove wash. Never came back

Coconut oil/olive oil/baby oil …or goats milk soap…then use a soft infant brush to gently scrub away

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