Needing advice for getting rid of lice

How do I get rid of LICE! I am 32 and NEVER had to deal with it before, and I already feel like a HORRIBLE mom! My boys are 3.5 and 1.5. Other than shaving their heads, I need advice! I also have it, so I just need rid of it ASAP! PLEASE HELP!


Rid or Nix from Walmart

I have some stuff at the pharmacy that you can do for your hair or Walmart and you have to wash all your bedding it’s called nix

Wash everything and follow the medicine direction to a t. Vacuum everything too. Bag all stuffed animals and pillows for 2 weeks and re treat in 7 days.

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Start using tea tree shampoo too


Shave their heads. Unless you want to go through every strand of hair to remove eggs. Every day.


U can use the lice shampoo from a drug store or supermarket. But the main thing is to make sure u pick out ALL the nits (eggs) off the hair strands. Wash all bedding. Vacuum things that can’t be washed. Wash hair brushes & combs. It’s a grueling process.


They have places to go to professional people to get rid of it now days

Just dealt with this for 2 months with my daughter. Then I got it.
Nyda was the best (I tried 4 brands)
Go to their website and see where it’s available where you live (it’s not in every store)

Natroba from the pharmacy. Wash everything

Don’t bother wasting money on over the counter stuff. Just call the Dr and the prescription kind works SOO much better and is SOO much easier to use. It happens to almost everyone lol everything will be fine.


I think my mom used to use olive oil. but your kids are pretty little, wrapping their hair in plastic wrap my be dangerous.

Rid is what i remember using when I got it as a kid. Wash everything. Follow the instructions on the box/insert. If it’s really bad, I’ve had to put mayo in my hair and sleep with a bag on my head. Lol that was the last time I ever got it. Fingers crossed

I’ve been told mayonnaise works

Smother the hair in conditioner and comb through with a fine tooth comb all over the head, continuously until none are on the comb. You will need to repeat daily for a while until there’s no more found. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Kids get lice :woman_shrugging:t3:

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In North Ms, we have a head lice treatment place. It was the best thing I done. It is pricy but well worth it. We spent $100’s of dollars before hand trying to fight it.

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Rid, hair dye, shaving head.

I can give u bug shampoo and combs if u need. Have to pick up tho.

Clean all sheets in hot water and boil all things that go in your hair. Anything you lay your head on clean in hot water

Lots of patience and consistency!!! Constant searching their heads multiple times a day and cleaning everything… I’m OCD about it… I will dig and pick for hours and then wake up and do it all over again

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