Needing advice for getting rid of lice

Tea tree oil works as well.


They sell stuff at the pharmacy. The main thing is to wash all bedding, clean all carpets, bag up all stuffed animals, I always used Rid. It comes with spray to spray furniture and mattresses. Comb comb comb!! Make sure there is no nits (eggs) the rid kit comes with a metal nit comb. As for your hair blow dry your hair everyday. If you color your hair, do it. The dye will kill them. Best of luck to you! Don’t feel like a bad mom! It happens to most of us moms. You’re trying to take care of it so it makes you a fabulous mom!

The best stuff is called super lice its a spray that soaps up and kills instantly and then u lrave it in for 2 mins rinse it out and go thru it they literally just come right out u can buy it at rite aid for about 15 bucks but it works very well

I put coconut oil in our heads last time

Dr is your best choice.

Coconut oil and tea tree oil works great!

The doctor can call in a prescription strength shampoo that works better than the over the counter stuff. They may just call it In for you to avoid the kids potentially spreading it in the office.


You also need to treat/clean everything you’ve all been in contact with, such as, bed, pillows, bedding, sofas, seats in your car, clothes, etc…

Just buy the stuff. I think it’s called nix. Works greats. I always left it in while I combed my daughters hair

Nyda worked great for my daughter (with 2 applications) Yes it takes time to go through their hair with a comb, but give them a snack and a favorite movie to watch and away you go. Make sure to sanitize their bedding and pillows as well and boil brushes. Tea tree oil shampoo is a good preventative and washing more frequently will not help… they like clean environments

None of these work. Wash your hair, slather a load of conditioner on and comb through with a metal fine tooth comb. A pet flea comb is exactly the same and is cheaper

Do this every 3 days until you stop getting any lice out. Continue to comb every 3 days until 3 weeks have passed.

Treat everyone in the house and tell regular visitors to check themselves.

Don’t feel bad, lice love clean hair


Wash EVERYTHING, and don’t forget about the car seats! And everytime they use something wash it again, bedding, pillows, hats, coats, put extra sheets over the couch and car seats so all you have to do is wash the sheets and not the car seat everyday cause if you miss one nit you can end up with a huge issue again. Also put tee tree oil behind all your ears, every day


Use the rid shampoo, and then you have to clean everything on hot wash and dry. Then you have to sit and go through each piece of hair with a fine toothed comb and tweezers and take out each but by hand. Do this all on the same day and again the third day. All new pillows and combs and brushes, check everyone in the household.

When my daughter got it I bought the rid shampoo did that as instructed. Then have to physically go through the hair and get all the eggs out. They attach to the hair and it’s almost impossible to get with the comb. After that I washed everything! And the box had a spray that you spray on your beds and furniture. After that I bought tree oil shampoo stuff. Oh and also make sure all toys that the lice can live on get put in a trash bag tied up really tight with no air holes and keep that stuff in there for 2 weeks

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Get olive oil and a lice comb. Put oil in hair and then comb and comb and comb until it’s all gone

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The only thing that worked on my daughter was to dye her hair. I tried everyone of these options everyone is saying. I dyed her hair the same color it was. I fought them for years and I never did get them from her but I have always colored my hair.


Don’t forget to vacuum the care seats and interior of the car including the ceiling.

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We used olive oil when I was growing up.

We used a “safe” product that seemed to just be a salt solution, along with the special comb (like a flea comb) and olive oil.

Don’t feel bad, they could of gotten it from anywhere.