Needing advice for getting rid of lice

Baby oil :raised_hands: they slide right out! But you will need to wash a bunch of times to get it to be non greasy but I swear by it! Baby oil and a fine comb


Lice shampoo and lather hair in conditioner and comb with lice come and than let it dry use a gel or oil sheen or some kinda grease comb with lice comb some more than wash it out and comb some more let it dry and look in hair in sun light to see if more nits are still in and pull out by hand and grease or oil sheen and comb and comb nits it’s the hardest to get rid of or you can shave there head if choose but will still have to go through to get nits out but won’t be as hard if you shave nits are a headache and start using tea tree oil Shampoo to repel them they even have a tea tree oil spray you can use to help prevent to and make sure you get lice spray to spray down bedding and vacuum and wash what you can and stuff you can’t wash like stuffed animals and such bag them up for a few days to a week it’s a hard thing to deal with good luck

Your main concern needs to be treating your home properly or you guys will become reinfected with them in your hair & the cycle will start all over!. Treat EVERYTHING cloth. Furniture & carpet sprayed. ALL bedding, & stuffed toys need to be washed & dried on hot. If some toys can not he washed, spray & tie up in a trash bag & leave for a few days. Spray your car if you have been in it & remove all kids car seat covers & wash!
For the hair add Tea Tree oil to your regular shampoo & conditioner! I also added it to a detangler spray & used it on stepdaughters hair after the RID treatment. Lice hate tea tree smell.
You must comb the treatment medicine through well with a fine tooth comb or specific lice comb to pull out all of the eggs or they will just hatch & you will be starting over. Repeat the treatment for a few days until you can not find any eggs!


Vammouse foam spray, in pharmacy section at walmart, costs about $20. Vaseline slathered in hair and.covered for an hour, wash out with dawn dish soap.

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I had it as a kid. It was so hard to get rid of. Tie up your clothes and blankets and fabrics pillows in a trash baggie and leave it for at least 2 days or longer to suffocate them. Treat it with the treat ment over and over until they are dead. They also have people who you can go to and they can clean your hair for you :slight_smile:

There’s Nix or the other one works better. I can’t remember what it was called. Re something.

Shave their heads. Wash ALL fabrics/linens/clothes in the house on SUPER hot water or steam them if they can’t go in the washer. Toss out all stuffed animals (not worth bagging them up for 2 weeks and taking the chance of it not working). Treat all pets too.

As for you, shave your head and get a wig. I had to do it when my youngest gave me lice. You’ll survive.


First off don’t feel bad! Lice are more attracted to clean hair! I have 4 kidos 2 boys and 2 girls. My oldest girl brought it home. I sware by mayo on their heads and wash it off with blue dawn dish soap! I bought the kit and it didn’t work as well as the mayo. Use the comb after to comb em out. Repeat for a few days to be safe


Wash everything washable at the hottest setting. Then dry on the hottest setting for an hour or so Things that cant be washed bag up in garbage bags for 2 weeks. use bleach to sanitize everything else. For the hair there is shampoo but some lice are resistant to that. You can try mayonaise rubbed into the hair…thickly and let it sit…the longer the better. Then pick out the nits and eggs with fine tooth combs - one for each boy. then wash and you should be good until a follow up treatment in a week In the future a good preventative is a drop or two of tea tree oil mixed in with shampoo and conditioner. I used to work in daycare so ive had experience! hope this helps!

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Make sure you get rid of all the eggs, if you dont they come back even if you have treated your hair with the lice wash

I know use fairy tale daily shampoo for my girls and just keep up with laundry and I use a spray just to prevent

Get this comb. It works wonders.

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Conditioner and a lice comb

Mayonnaise!!! Smother your hair completely in it and let it sit for about 20minutes.the thickness of it will kill the lice cause they can’t breathe, then rinse it out completely and then wash your hair with dawn dish soap. Then comb through your hair. I swear it works freaking wonders plus the mayo makes your hair shiny and soft. Make sure you wash everything, clothes, bed linens.

We had to deal with it for the 1st time when my middle child was in preschool when she was 3. COULD NOT get rid of it. Did everything we were told to with lice shampoo olive oil mayonnaise you name it we more than likely tried it as well as washing bedding vacuuming and everything… It was SOOO frustrating I even called their Dr office for a prescription wash I was told about. They said they would call it in but never did. The case worker at the preschool told us about Queen Helen cholesterol hair treatment. She said to put in all of our hair with shower caps and leave it over night. Wash it out wash bedding and everything we did that once every couple of weeks for a little while just like with the other stuff and it worked like a charm. I found nits in my girl’s hair last school year and we immediately went and got the Queen Helen. Lol I know what works for some may not be ideal for others for different reasons but that’s just what we found to work best for us. Lice is NO FUN to deal with. Hopefully you find what works for you guys. :slightly_smiling_face:

why? obscured, you’re not a bad mom because your kids have Lice.
First off you have it because lice love love love clean untreated hair (hair dye). People who treat their hair and who take super hot showers(while washing hair) and blow dry regularly on top of people who don’t wash their hair are the people that lice stay away from. its a common thought that dirty people get lice and that is incorrect. they hate hate hate heat because it dries them out and die if they are not attached to the host. look up a place that dose the treatment, they will use heat on you and with the kids they will use a different technique. while you are gone crank up the heat in your house. after 30 mins any lice in your house not attracted to a host will be too weak to attach themselves to anyone and will die few hours later. never had them growing up even though my best friend kept getting it from a girl at school. I also cant count how many times I went to my moms friends house to find out the next day they had lice even one of my current bestfriends family had it and the kids had been at my house and in my kids car seats, beds heads leaning on mine… the kids heads touching using hair ties ect. we still didn’t get it when they had it for a whole month before they realized it. I have always dyed my hair off and on my 4 and 5 yo have been putting pink, blue, and purple smi permanent dye in there hair since they were 2 (kid friendly brands). they also take after me and love super hot showers and I have always washed their hair with the tempter being the most hot they could handle( where it doesn’t hurt when it touches the scalp)… don’t stress mom, I promise it isn’t a big deal and you absolutely have not failed in anyway.

After you kill them, shave the sides and back of the boys hair to get rid of any eggs, and it most likely wont come back. Lice like that area best. You can actually get some cute boys haircuts done like that, so it wont be like shaving them to being bald.

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So they are parasites if they don’t have a warm host they die soon thereafter. It really isn’t necessary to go crazy cleaning. Vacuum after you Get all of the lice n nits off of your heads. They (lice &eggs)can only survive on your body or pets. Check heads in 12-14 days redo heads as needed.


I owned a lice company …Dont use Walmart stuff…call a local lice company they will help you average price for a boy 80.00 per head…make sure you wash all bedding in high heat… vaccuum if carpets…if you want to do yourself buy Pantene conditioner plus terminator comb from Amazon and just comb until they are gone…any questions please pm me.

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Do NOT feel like a horrible mom!!! Head lice prefer CLEAN HAIR!!! So it’s not about being unclean, it’s about coming into contact with someone who ALREADY had head lice.