Needing advice from mamas who had two kids close in age

So I’m looking for some advice and experiences on having two children really close together… backstory is I just had my daughter on August 28th of this year, so she’s almost three months old. I just found out this week I am pregnant again! I am 5 weeks on Monday, and I would like to know if some of you had the same situation and how it turned out… I knew I wanted my kids close together but not this close! It’s kinda a huge surprise, and would also like some advice… we live in Canada in a two-bedroom condo and not the richest of people… we weighed out the pros and cons of having this baby, and I couldn’t handle the thought of taking away a younger sibling from my daughter out of convenience. I am glad we have this child but with this pandemic going on, my mental health is a bit rocky. I get a lot of anxiety lately, and I just need some advice/tips/experiences thank you!!!


Two bedroom is fine kids can share a room for now

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I did that they came out to 11 in a half months apart. It was okay as the baby and the almost 1 year old napped a few times together. When the baby was born the older one was walking. There will be time they both need you but remember other stuff can wait. My kids that are irish twins the ones 11 in a half month apart will be 6 and 5 this month and next. Time flies. Double stroller was a life saver. They play together but they have moments they fight as well

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Hey honey. I was In the exact same position as you. I have an 11 and 12 year old born exactly 13 months apart lol. Honestly it was wonderful and its kind of like having twins now. I had a boy then a girl and they shared the same room up until they were 4 then I got a house that they both had separate rooms but they still stuck into each other’s room until they were 6. I had major anxiety when I found out I was pregnant again and pregnancy hormones didn’t help lol just look for the positives and think about te precious life growing inside your body. You can do this and soon you will sit back and wonder what you were worried about in the first place. You got this. My inbox is always open if u need a chat

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my two children are 13months apart and they are very close as they are growing up which now they are 2 and 3 and they are still close don’t get me wrong they fight like cat and dog but what siblings don’t. i’m pregnant with my third now aswell x

I have a 5, 4 & 3 year old my oldest and middle are 1 year and 2 weeks apart and my middle and youngest and 10 months apart. It’s definitely tough sometimes but you got this.

Mine are 15 months apart and his Birthday is August 27th! Busy but you just handle it and do it. Lots of people wonder how but trust me you just get it done :slight_smile: … they are 3 months and 17 months on sat! They share a room (he is with me right now though)

I have 4 kiddos (7,6,4,1) the first 2 are 10 months apart. Honestly times can be draining but they are best of friends and do everything together they are just like twins. Kids are not materialistic we as adults make them this way. Hand me downs are great. Just think they’ll be in diapers together and out of diapers together. Each milestone they will achieve together.

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If they are anything like my sister and I (less than a year apart) They will end up the best of friends. We shared a room as well . We didnt have alot of money. But that doesn’t matter to kids. Each other and love is all we need. You got this Momma . It will be tough sometimes. But don’t doubt yourself. You will do great.


Its not bad! Just get yourself into a routine and keep your kids on a schedule. It’s essential when u have 2 that close. While your newborn is sleeping, be sure to spend some quality time/playtime with your oldest. I thought the best part of having 2 so close in age was that our oldest still took naps! So when both kids are napping, u still get some time to either nap yourself or do anything that needs done, or just enjoy a little time to yourself.

Seems like your new baby will be born in the same month as your current child. I found out I got prego when my daughter was 3 months old both my kids were born in May 2012 and 2013 I was not happy at first but it turned out to be learning contest between the two they’re best friends have a lot in common short time of diaper training short time in bottles and all the sane friends because they are 11 months couple weeks apart. Best accident ever.

All mine are just over a year apart 2 are 11 months apart there girl boy so close as kids and even closer as teens xx

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You will be fine! Mine are 13 months apart, they are now 3&4 and the very best of friends. The first 12 months were tough. You basically have a baby already and add another into the mix. I feel like I neglected my older one a little as was breastfeeding her brother and my husband was working away a lot and no family help but they are both kind, affectionate and loving kids and I think as a mum you will always question if you do enough.
Try not to panic, it will be a tough pregnancy and you’ll be more exhausted than normal but you will survive.

My youngest 2 kids are now 13 & 12 (almost 14 & 13) and are 11 months apart in age. To add stress to that, my exhusband kicked us out on the street when the baby was 8 months old. I was a single mom of a 6 year old, a 19 month old & 8 month old. Looking back on it today… I would do it all over again. I have some pretty awesome kiddos. They can be best friends and worst enemies simultaneously (one boy, one girl). They shared a bedroom until age 5 & 6. It took a bit longer to bottle break my daughter because of the new baby and the life changes but I was able to potty train my son super early because he wanted to be “big” like his sister.

Something I haven’t seen mentioned above but I feel is important: Your body is still healing from your most recent pregnancy. Keep an eye on your abdominal muscles. I had an umbilical hernia that was a result of back to back pregnancies. Also, start doing extra kegel exercises now. Bladder control can become an issue due to close pregnancies as well. Also, PM me if you feel alone. You’re not!

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Mine are 16 and 18 months apart we had 3 under 3 for a while. It was rough but is doable they 3 yr old and 2 yr old are inseparable they are boy 3 and girl 2 they share a room right now as we just moved our 10 month old daughter to the “girls” room. Soon as I feel comfortable leaving the 2 yr old alone with her they will share a room. My son will have his own and my 9 yr old daughter has her own. We make it work not the richest but we both work and have found a great daycare we trust with our 3 littles. I will admit im ALWAYS stressed either by the kids or worrying about paying bills but I wouldn’t change it for anything

I have 2 sets of kiddo close together. My oldest are a year 3 weeks apart, and my youngest two are a year and a day apart. When it was just us and the oldest 2 we lived in a two bedroom apartment with the kids sharing a bedroom. We lived like that until they were 3 and 4 and I got pregnant with our third. Only then dod we upgrade. I wouldn’t change having them close together for the world!

I lived in a 2 bdrm house with my mother and 4 other siblings …it’ll all work out .

Life is crazy! But you know what the beginning is the hardest… when your baby wants you and your other baby wants you and needs you! My girls are 13 months apart and they fight non stop but they love eachother!!

I’ve got a 2 year old and 1 year old best thing I ever did and now where are trying for number 3! Xxx