Needing advice from other mamas who had their tubes tied!

Question for those that have had it done or might want to do it? Has anyone had there tubes tied? If so do you like it more then birth control? Mom of 2 and I don’t want more but it seems every nurse or doctors wants me to have more!!


I had my tubes done but less than two years later was put in for a hysterectomy because it made my periods worse. (I’d be on my period for 3 weeks off 1) and put pressure on my doctor for it. He was against the procedure even with me having 4 kids, my husband’s "permission " and other docs backing me. Best thing ever though menopause is a bitch with the hot flashes. That’s about my only complaint.

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If you absolutely don’t want any more kids then definitely get your tubes tied. It’s your decision, not the doctors or nurses. Even though I love my daughter dearly, it’s no fun having a baby at 43 years old. I also have 2 grown daughter’s and 3 grandsons. Get your tubes tied if you want to.

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Mom of 2 here. Had mine tied 10 years ago. I liked it because I never had to think about birth control, or missing pills or any side effects. Now remarried, desperately want another baby, so make sure you do what’s right for you! I didn’t at the time. Good luck!

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Had mine done and i dont regret it one bit. If u r sure u r done with having children then i say go for it. Dont let the dr make the choice for u


Mom of 2. Had my tubes tired about 2 years ago. I like it, don’t have to worry about taking the pill or getting an iud etc.
My doctor asked me every appointment leading up to having my daughter if I was sure (about 12 times). Finally I had to put my foot down. If it’s what YOU want don’t let them pressure you into not having it done.

I had mine tied when I was 25. We were married and just had our 3rd baby. I was very clear in my decision and never regretted it. The doctors tried to change my mind but I stood my ground. Its your decision.

Just make sure it’s definitely what you want. Then start raising hell with the doctors and make them listen damn good and well

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I had my tunes totally removed. I have 3 kids and was definitely ready and happy to have it done. My body really hated birth control so this was great for me!

Yes! I had mine tied last July. It was easy and I healed with no issues. The dr was the obstetrician I had for all 3 of my kids. I knew when my youngest was born that I was finished. I only ever wanted 3. My husband and I agreed that it was easier for him to have a Vasectomy so he did. If I had known we’d divorce, I would have had my tubes tied as soon as Brendan was born (he’ll be 19 in November). I have never wanted more and I wouldnt have even if I had met someone who wanted me to (Ive been single since our divorce). Brendan is the baby of our family and he always will be.

Yep 19 yrs ago. Have two kids. Thats enough for me. Im a nurse too. But its literally up to you if you want more or not.

Mom of 4 here. Got my tubes burnt in January. Zero regrets. I knew I was done. I told my Gynecologist and he set up the Pre-op, surgery & post surgery appointments.

You have to consider

  1. your health…does pregnancy agree with your body.
  2. your age…are you young enough that waiting 5 years or more won’t make you regretful
  3. finances…will you be able to afford more kids or will it cause a great struggle
  4. are you willing to adopt …if you tied them and decided down the road you want more children, there are children who need love
  5. don’t look at it as birth control but more like the decision to be finished having children

I had mine done. My kids are 12 years apart (not for lack of trying and different relationships) I was 38 when I had my second. I absolutely did not want to repeat the life circumstances I have again. I made the choice that was right for me and my children.

I have 2 kids and I had my tubes removed a couple of years ago. I knew for certain I didnt want anymore kids and I dont regret it at all.

Worked perfectly for me. Never found a method that didn’t have some lingering side effect.

I have tried my tubes, so happy I did I have 2 boys, never had to worried any more. My doctor did not want me to do it, because was 31, well it was our choice my husband and I. I would have preferred him to get done but he didn’t want to, you know men. Don’t listen to others its between you and your husband.

I had mine done best decision for me . It’s up to an individual not any one else .

Loved it. I had mine done after 2 kids. I knew I only wanted 2 children. Never any regrets.

Had my first child at 28, doctor said no because I may want more, had my second son at 32 and wanted it done again. I was told no because I was never supposed to have kids to begin with. Had my third child at 38, asked again and told the doctor, don’t tell me no this time. I seem to get pregnant every 4 or 5 years I now have 4 kids ( 1 was adopted) if you don’t tie them this time you can call me Loraina Bobbitt. Because I stood up for myself my youngest was born on February 16th and my tubes were tied in February 17th and I never regretted it.

It was the best decision I had ever made for myself. I had to switch gynecologists though because mine refused to do it after my last cesarean, I didn’t let that stop me, I found one who did the procedure 6 months post partum. That being said, you have to be sure you don’t want anymore children! I get my period regularly and don’t have to worry about pregnancy :upside_down_face: if you’re on the fence about more children, try the IUD, my sister had it and loved it. Good luck.