Needing advice on baby boy names

If my daughter was a boy her name would have been Darius

I kind of like dayvon

Braydon, Xander, and Bryson

Jamison, Keegan, Colton, Dominic Jacob, Tristan, Luke, Spencer, Max,Ryker

I have a Joshua and a Presley. My nephews are Hunter and Nicholas

Parker, Devyn, Davian, Leland, Grayson

Kayson, Dorian, Zander, Parker, Porter, Maverick

Jared, Desmond, Roland, Creed, Leeland, Reid, Bradford, or Crawford

My nephews are Wyatt Miles, George Patrick, Vincent, Maxwell

Quinn meaning 5. Had a friend growing up named trae. Was the youngest of 3 boys. His brother was bleu and had piercing blue eyes

Wesley James Liam Matthias

Cole , Brantley, Alexander, Joshua, Camden, Caden, jayson, also Jaden, Kaden or Patrick

I have a. Ryder, but our other names were Weston, Wesley, Lincoln

Silas, Draven, Maxwell, Easton, Preston, Maverick, Rush, Mason, Alexander, Paxton, Lennox :blue_heart:

Keedon, Airton, oaklee

Alexavier I wished I named my son that…

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Elliot :heart: but I’m ok with mine if you aren’t feeling it :kiss:

Everett, Zander,Xavier Kayden ,Hunter

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I’m naming my son Roman

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Bristol, Memphis, Christian, Matthew

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