Needing advice on birth control

I have an almost one-year-old and have never used any kind of birth control other than condoms. What are some suggestions you other Mama’s have? I’m kinda thinking of the pill implant but trying to way my options.


I prefer a low hormone pill. Too many risk with an implant and iud

Avoid men, problem solved! Lol


Depo shot. Get one every 3 months no period. Super easy and nice.

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I love the patch super easy 3 weeks on 1 week off

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I had the Nuva ring and I thought it would be odd… but it was super easy and you can’t feel it.

Just dont do the Mirena.

Personally I love my IUD.

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Copper IUD 100%
No hormones, lasts 10 years & removable at any time.

I have the depo shot and the side affects are awful, I’ve continuously have had my period.


I did the pill - i sucked at remembering to take it. Did the depo shot - worked well, no period & once every 3 months but i did gain a good amount of weight. I tried Nuvaring - it gave me my one and only ever yeast infection. Last thing i did was the arm implant (nexplanon i believe it was called) and it last 3 years. It was sore to have it put in but it was by far my favorite thing i ever used. Easily removed but not the most comfortable thing.

The patch was my favorite . Every seven days you’d put a new one on . If you didn’t want a period , you’d put one on the week you were suppose to start .

I have a IUD and I love it. No period and its good for 5 years!

I have had Mirena for 3 years. It’s amazing! I have had maybe 2 periods and they were nothing but spotting for a day or 2. I haven’t had any periods in 2 years and haven’t gotten pregnant so it works! :joy:

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I love my Mirena iud! Very light periods,no pains,no mood swings,no weight gain!

I love my IUD. Periods are almost nonexistant ,I don’t have to remember to take it or get it boosted. I don’t feel it at all. My midwife said she would never suggest the arm implant! Not that I could stomach getting one anyway

Depo been on for 12 yrs now… goin to stay on it till i pass menopause lol

Just got my mirena 10 days ago and like it so far (still spotting tho)

Kyleena (an IUD) loser dose of hormones than Mirena. But still very effective

Hormonal birth control is terrible.
Look up a product called smart women’s choice. I recommend it HIGHLY.