Needing advice on buying shoes for a toddler with wide feet

Looking for advise on purchasing shoes for a boy that has wide feet. He is 2 and every time I try to purchase a pair of shoes they just don’t seam like they are wide enough. Anyone know of a good quality shoe they would recommend?


Look to see if u have a Stride Rite in your area or online. That’s where we went for our daughter when she was a toddler A lil more expsensive but necessary👍


I’m in the same boat…

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Try stride rite for sure! I had the same problem and they were great. Also Crocs for summer

I always had good luck finding new balance in the wide size for toddlers


Avoid crocs because they’re gross and damaging! Natives and stride right, also adidas come in wide sizes or keens adjustables!

Stride Rite always had the right fit for my grandsons wide feet

My sister always went with stride right they should have a website

Yes stride right the Buster Brown shoe shops were great but not much around any longer

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My son had very wide feet as a toddler so I would have to buy him skate boarding shoes such as DC’s or etnies or Van’s. They would be the only ones that fit his fat little feet lol

Have him stand on cardboard. Trace around his bare foot with a marker. Cut out the foot pattern and slip it into different shoes you like. Check to see how the pattern fits into the shoe, any bending of the pattern tells you right away if they are the right size and if they are wide enough.

Stride Rite…if they still make them.

Crocs are great for wide feet. And stride rite as well

Payless has smart foot or smart step they make wide shoes for toddler. Otherwise buster browns would be the best bet

I always bought stride rite brand they have multiple wide sizes. Try to find a store

New Balance and Stride Rite.

Any decent shoe shop will do a measure and fit.

I found Nike’s were wider.

Plae shoes. They are 40% off site wide right now too.