Needing advice on filing for divorce

My husband has cheated on me. I tried forgiving but can’t so willing to divorce him. Thing is we still live in the same house. What’s the procedure for filing a divorce? What do I need to know? I have googled but need direct step by step advice from someone who been through this. I have three kids. Please, no judgment.


Cant divorce if you live in the same house

Go and see a solicitor…get legal advice …sorry to hear what your going through :frowning:

You need to talk to an Attorney.


Contact an attorney hon

You need see a lawyer for the state your living in so you will know the laws on divorce and custody laws in that state .


Speak to a lawyer or 2. Most give free consultations. Local laws vary so a lawyer is your best bet

You need legal advice. Contact an experienced attorney.

If you guys can agree on EVERYTHING, you can use a service called “Divorce Yourself” and it’s cheap and easy. Again… that’s ONLY if you both agree on all terms.

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You need to consult an attorney. They can advise you and help protect your interests.

Make sure you get all visitation in writing who gets them on what holidays, make sure you get tax filings in writing ( who gets to claim kids what years ) also make sure to put financial help when and IF kids go to college in writing

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Find Legal aid assistance in your county. Many things differ depending on the state you live in. Whether it’s a Contested vs non contested divorce, matters too. So you need to know how he feels about it.

Go to the courthouse get do it yourself divorce papers

Call your local Bar Association, they can give you information on free legal aid. You need to know your rights ASAP to protect yourself and your children. Please take care and God bless!

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First thing to do is get a Consult from a family division lawyer

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Talk to a lawyer instead of posing this question to social media


Call your Local Courthouse, or call Legal aid, they will tell you where and how to get started, no judgement here, you have to do what you have to do…Good Luck Hun…

You need to get a lawyer, every state is different some states is no fault divorce, some they do,but if you have kids is better to get a lawyer

I wouldnt ask for advise on fb. Call a local lawyer. Or goto your court house and ask

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