Needing advice on going through labor alone

Advice for a mama preparing to go into labor at the hospital with no support person? I will be video chatting husband during birth if able.


Seriously get a midwife. It is an amazing experience. I had my midwife by my side for my hospital birth and she was :100: the best decision I ever made

I’m going through same thing. My hubs is deployed and I’m due in March/April. I am close with my ex in laws and my ex sis in law said she would be there with me.

Why cant your husband be in the room…Id heard you were now allowed 1 person to be with you

I’ve done it twice alone the first time my partner couldn’t get their in time and the second time was because of covid. Trust in the medical staff they will get you through your labour. You’ve got this make sure you get support afterwards though

Why alone? Husband, mom , or friend

I didn’t have anyone with my son. And my daughter my mom had gone home for a second and I had her. So I was still so happy.and as soon as I had them I fell asleep. My boy I had 36 hours. My girl 5 hours. I was ok being alone.

Mentally prepare yourself to be alone. Give yourself a daily pep talk and daily affirmations about having a smooth labor. Don’t be afraid to rely on the nurses and your midwife or ob as support people. Have a birth plan and stick to it. Type it up and give it to your medical staff if that helps. Stick to your guns and don’t let anyone there tell you or convince you that you have to deviate from your plan. You’ll have to be your own advocate since you’ll be alone.

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I went in by my self for my second child(2019) I just kinda imagined the support I would have had from my mom (she died 3 years ago) my childs father wasnt there. It was kinda sad but my focus was just on making sure my daughter got here safely

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It’s only been me and my husband for all 3, our last baby was this past September. Maybe it’s just me but I feel like with all the adrenaline and everything going on you don’t even notice them there for labor and delivery. We are military so there has always been the possibility of him not being there.

Labor at home for as long as you can with your partner/support person. I was facing this because COVID so I mentally prepared myself by saying I was strong and capable. I also made a playlist for different times (need to relax, motivation, energy etc). I also find that if I can focus on other things I can get through stuff. I listen to books a lot and I also read when I can’t be up and moving. My husband and I also made a plan if he couldn’t be there. I was very honest with my care provider that I felt strongly about my husband being there to support me since I have pretty significant anxiety. This is such a tough time to be having a baby. I ended up having my baby pretty early due to preeclampsia, and my husband was able to come with me because COVID restrictions had been lifted at our hospital that allowed one support person with you in the room. They had to wear a mask anytime someone came into the room and he couldn’t leave the room at all. Good luck with your labor and I hope all is well and you and baby stay healthy.

I had my second with out support. It was lonely for sure but made it easier to zen out. Good luck momma

I honestly think i would have preferred yo be alone. The other people were just annoying. They just distracted me from what I needed to do.


Try to find something that calms you and you can focus on. Your husband is in your heart and will be right there when you give birth. Try not to let your feeling of being alone (without him there) over ride the joy of the circumstance. You will get thru this. :heart:

You have no idea that that is wat actually made it easier for me. Every time you see a woman at her high point in labor screaming someone’s always there. It’s more connection and energy alone. Having even one person there can knock this off trust me. Your alone going through fine a nurse walks in you look at her your face frowns she notices. Fucks up everything. Have you seen the movie mommy dearest? Yes she was crazy but there’s some truth in her birthing scene. I’ve had horrible menstrual cramps growing up no difference to me the thing that makes a difference is contractions tell you when they’re comin and goin it gets annoying where period cramps sit there with you through it all

You won’t be alone. You might not know them, but all your doctors, nurses and others are all pulling for you & you baby. Your husband might not be in the room with you, but he is with you.


Just remember those who are not there physically are there in our (and their) heart. Hold them dear and talk to them :heart: Dr and nurses are their to add their support and care as well. God Bless

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I gave birth to all 3 of my kids alone, before all this happened the covid. Just dont stress yourself out over it. It can possibly put baby in distress, or you. So just relax if ya can, I know it wont be easy. You got this girl

Having had 3, I could care less who is or isn’t there. All I wanted was the nurse to pull that youngin out!!!


Try to find a doula. Hospitals are allowing one support person in for labor and delivery. As a previous labor and delivery nurse in a small community hospital I know nurses can be supportive and kind and helpful but they get busy too. I am a midwife now and labor with my patients once they are ready to go to the hospital but I’m also a doula.