Needing advice on head lice!

Head lice… My children and I contracted head lice! We only had one person over, and that was like five weeks ago, other than that we strictly went to the grocery store and back home. Anyways that’s beside the point. I’m 30 and never dealt with lice before! I treated my son’s hair yesterday, his hair was awful. He keeps scratching today, but I don’t see anything when I brush with the little comb from the kit. (I bought Nix ultra, and I also bought a shampoo separately.) My daughter is mixed with black, and I always keep her hair oiled and greased. She didn’t have a single louse or anything, nor is she scratching. I’m a single mother with no friends or family and had to treat myself. I have long, thick hair. After my treatment, I still saw lice, so I smothered my head in mayonnaise and put a plastic bag and left it there from 12 am-10 am (Google said to…smh). I also sprayed my furniture and bed with the spray provided by the kit. I stripped my beds and washed everything, even pillows on the extra hot water, and dried extra hot temp as well. I plan to repeat this process in a week. And continue to brush through mine and my son’s hair until then, but what else am I missing! Why is my son still scratching?! I don’t see anything in his head?!


His head could be dried out from the treatment. Use a spray bottle with tea tree oil in it everyday thats what i use to keep the lice away after my kids had it. We also use suave coconut shampoo and conditioner with tea tree oil and it has helped. And i only used mayo to treat their hair i didnt buy chemicals and it worked

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It’s possible they are still there. Or it’s possible the chemicals in the treatment irritated his scalp and made him itchy.

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Might just be scratching the bites. Like mosquito bites, they still itch after

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I had this problem a few years ago. I ended up cutting my sons hair off. I hated to do it.

They could still be in his hair but tiny, it could just be psychological and in his head. I’m the same way. It can be extremely hard to get rid of but you’re doing it right. The last time we got it from my step son, we fought it so hard but it just kept getting worse. We actually went to a lice clinic here in town and that did the trick! Lice is becoming more immune to the treatments on the market

Probably just itchy from the products? You should try vacuum the couch and bedding also. Even hair dye works on lice too! Good luck I know how crazy lice gets me! Hope all goes well

Spray your car also. Use baby oil in your hair shower cap for twelve hours

When I was little, beside shampoo, my mom used vinegar, and rhen combing. End after that, I put my head in her lap, and hours would pass, she would pick one by one. Then procedure go over next day. Diying your hair can be fine for you. He maybe is little over helmed with everything. That is why he is scratxhing

I treated my sisters hair about 4 years ago. I used hair dye. I grabbed a color that perfectly matched hers (she was 16), and I dyed her hair. It killed them all.

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Call the pediatrician and get they can get you the prescribed lice med. I spent so much money on Nix and it did nothing, the prescription stuff took one application.

Apple Cidar Vinegar works

Make sure everything goes Into the wash as the lice can be on anything. Couches, teddy’s, blankets, comforters, even the god damn car seat covers (parents always forget this one) just hot wash everything and treat hairs twice a day not much else you can do til you kill them all off… I’m itchy thinking bout it… Brings me right back to my nan pulling the head off me after school with a nit comb over the newspaper :weary::joy:

I use listerine mouthwash,leave it for 30 mins,cover it and wash wonders

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We put a little tea tree oil in conditioner. Use as leave in conditioner in your long thick hair. They like clean hair best. Good luck!!!

It can be hard to beat. But my dr told me to do the kit every 7 days until you dont see any eggs or lice

Lice can only be in clean hair. Otherwise, they can’t stick to the strands if it’s dirty hair as the hair oils will make it hard to stay attached to the hair.


I’d call in for an rx than otc

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Hes scratching previous bites. I’d also bag up any piece of linen for atleast 72 hours

I didn’t use any chemicals when my daughter got them from one of her cousins… i used baby oil gel and took out the lice one by one… every 3 hours and washed her sheets daily… for about a week… but it worked.