Needing advice on home schooling in WV

Hey moms, so this year has been a wild ride for most of us. Between work, child care, and school… so just to be better safe than sorry, I’m homeschooling this year. I live in the state of WV, and my county really has no resources/no advice on how this can swiftly but productively be done. Mentioned no guidelines I have to follow nor supplies I would have to buy to ensure he keeps up with other children his age but here at home. They literally said Send Me Your HS Diploma and Were Issue You A Homeschooling Certificate… that’s it. So my question is, have any other mothers done/doing this? If you live in WV and have, do you know any guidelines about this? Is testing through the state to he can return to public school next year done when? Can I just have some info abt the process? Thanks in advance! And yes I made this decision and should’ve researched a bit better beforehand, but I didn’t so


look up your state laws through the states gov website

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I wrote the state laws. Then I looked up the curriculum for the school district to make sure I cover all items in case she ever needs to go to public school. The state requirements are very lenient but I want her to be able to transition if needed.

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My state is similar in homeschooling leniency. Look up homeschool laws for your state and then pick your curriculum. YouTube videos can also be a resource of what other homeschooling families are doing and how they prepare.

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Try HSLDA a home school group that’s for every one in the world. Also try Kahn, great home school tool. Math ,histjory, science, try Myth Buster s, Happy scienceist.

I live in WV. We are not homeschooling but know a lot who do or are. You have to send a notice of intent to your county board office. Then you pick your own curriculum. You can either do the tests at the end of rhe year or turn in a portfolio. If you choose virtual, it is guided by the state. But I have heard it is hard and rigorous.

I am in Cabell County and chose to homeschool my 10 year old this year. Yes WV has virtual options but most consist of a Zoom version much like the end of last year when school shut down. Kanawha County has a true virtual program. Most of the rest of the state does not. So rather than force a child who absolutely hated it last year and struggled (a straight A student typically) with the “virtual” school that we were given, we are homeschooling. I did tons of research before I finally settled but the easiest and most structured option that I found was through a Christian based school called Liberty Liberty. They have several different options but you can buy a full curriculum with course work and tests etc directly through them. Feel free to message me if you want to see what was included and I can direct you towards their website etc. And yes i am still working full time hours and then some so it can be done if you want it bad enough :wink:

I live in PA but I was able to choose all remote learning through our school district. They are providing Chromebooks and a printer and any other materials my children need. I chose all remote because I’m not sending my kids to school wearing a mask.

We live in Arkansas and are doing virtual school. Look up k12 public online school. It’s considered public school. I believe they offer it in your state. It’s free. We were sent a laptop, science kits, books, PE, music, and art supplies. Free. So far, we love it. Also, since it’s considered public school, your child can be transferred back to a brick and mortar school with no problems.

Also look up Virtual learning. I don’t have children in school but have read that Home Schooling you have to set it all up yourself but Virtual is done by the school.

Sydney Perdue i saw about you homeschooling the girls?

Look up home schooling in WV on fb and there is a ton of information and plenty of people to help.

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Find a fb page. Other homeschool parent’s will be very helpful answering questions and giving you good info. You can also google to see what your laws are.

I’m a WV homeschooling mom, and this group has been the most helpful for me:

The main guidelines are your child has to make progress in Language Arts, Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies. You need to make sure they’re assessed each year, but you only have to turn in those assessments (either portfolio review or standardized testing) certain years. You don’t have to teach a certain number of days, nor a certain number of hours a day.

If you’re interested in keeping up with state teaching standards (such as if you plan to send them back to public school later), you can search and find lists of goals for each year in each subject.

Edited to add: Here are the standards teachers follow, but you are not at all required to follow these. On average, homeschooled children tend to be ahead of their public-school peers.

Find the Pole Homeschool group on Facebook. They’re in Kentucky,but have some WVA students. If she can’t help, she can point you in the right direction.

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I highly recommend K12

I’m doing home schooling with