Needing advice on how I can manage my morning sickness

I normally have a sensitive stomach, and I have a horrible gag reflex. I’m not sure how to deal with the morning sickness. Did anyone have the same issue? If so, did the stomach sensitivity get worse? Did it remain the same? What kind of remedies works for you? Thank you!


Peppermints help me. Small meals every 2-3 hours, ginger.

Flat ginger ale sip it

Good luck spent a lot of time getting iv fluids.

Candied ginger. Walmart or health food stores. Ginger ale or sprite. Saltines.

Not sure if you can take with pregnancy but I have a sensitive stomach from gastric bypass and I found Nauzene helps me greatly. Chewable. Cherry flavor it typically comes in.

Ginger biscuits keep some in your bedside table hope it helps

I had severe morning sickness and the usual water and crackers didn’t help. Oddly enough, the only thing that did work was vanilla pudding cups and watered down 50/50 Powerade. Just tiny sips and tiny bites

I havent had any morning sickness but a friend of mine did and got Preggie pop drops from walmart she said they work

With me I found lying down really helped have a nap helped. Soda crackers 7 up eat what u can if the morning sickness becomes that troublesome go see.your doctor

Juice from canned peaches

doTerra peppermint beads
Body armor fruit punch
Schweppes ginger ale

These are the things that worked for me

Vitamin B6 and Unisom

I ended up in hospital on a drip with mine it went away at 12 weeks then came back at the end. I was prescribed cyclizine to take 3 times a day…it worked a charm.

I was fine with my first. No morning sickness. My second landed me in the ER with Hyperemisis Gravidarum. This diet actually saved me:

I take NEXIUM and eat a lot of tums and tried different prescription meds from doctor. I eat a lot of popcorn because it’s all my stomachs tolerates.

I have a very sensitive stomach this time around. Found out I have hyperemesis gravidarum and it’s starting to slowly ease up at 15 weeks. I ended up being admitted to the hospital a couple times. I take reglan, zofran and have a patch behind my ear to help ease it. Plus a bland diet. I lost almost thirty pounds.

Motion sickness wrist bands did wonders for me. I was sick 24/7 for 5 months to the point I was laid up at home and constantly being treated for dehydration. Tried everything prescribed, otc and old wives tales and natural remedies. Nothing helped until I put on those bands (I wore them on both wrists). 20 minutes later the nausea left and never came back.

I’m the opposite. I typically have a strong stomach with no gag reflux… then I got pregnant with this little boy and have thrown up almost every day in this pregnancy… I’m 36 weeks. I have HG which is why I am currently so sick. I’ve tried everything from medications to gums, to hard candies, to essential oils, small meals, snacking, water, popsicles… only thing that seems to help is an IV bag of fluids! Then I feel good for a day or 2.

Try taking your prenatal vitamins at a different time. It helped me. I’d get sick first thing am and when I started taking the vitamins before bed instead of in the afternoon with lunch. It stoped I still get a bit neaseous occasionally. But I’m almost thinking that it’s partly hunger while trying to decide what to eat. So many things it could be hugs. Also for some reason. A piece of brick cheese helps instantly. Or half a glass of whole milk. Hugs.