Needing advice on how to handle my manager

I need some advice on how to deal with my manager. I started working again after years of being a stay at home, mom. In the beginning, I absolutely loved the job! We got a new manager a few months back, and he is making it incredibly hard to enjoy work. He non stops talks about himself. If I am speaking with a co-worker, he will come over and just start talking about himself. I have never met someone who thought so highly of himself. I try my hardest just to do my work. He seems to get angry if I don’t pay attention to his stories. He will repeatedly ask me why I don’t listen to him (talk about himself) I tell him I am busy and staying focused on my job. He doesn’t seem to get the hint I am not interested in the small talk. He just makes me feel very uncomfortable. I feel like he constantly has to be near me and follows me around. It’s incredibly hard to avoid him. It has become very draining for me. I don’t want to quit the job because I do love what I do. I don’t know how to deal with this manager. Any advice on how to deal with this? Thank you


Write a letter to HR or higher ups but don’t put your name on it.


Tell him straight up how you feel … and if he fires you or takes any other actions go to the higher up . People need to stop being afraid to protect themselves against people boss or not . If you are uncomfortable you have a RIGHT to voice that !.


Just be polite and civil. It’s work. You aren’t ever going to work someplace where you adore everyone you work with or for. Lots of different egos and personalities! If he crosses the line into any kind of sexual harassment or anything else, then it’s a different story. He’s your new manager so treat him with respect and listen even if you aren’t interested! He probably feels awkward also. After all… He’s the “new kid in class”!


He is new and trying to impress with these stories about himself. Give attention only a few times to his stories, then start saying you need to get on with your work. If it persists, speak CONFIDENTIALLY with his supervisor or with HR.

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Is there an HR or Union? Following you around is harassment or contact EEOC.


Sent him an embarrassing anonymous letter. About how self centered, uninteresting, annoying he is.


I would send him a very professional email directly telling him you wanted him to respect your wish for a professional enivornment in the work place and address any potential issues y’all can overcome to work together. I had to do this to a new manager and we were able to come to an understanding. Good luck.

I would go to HR. It could be sexual harrassment.


Speak to his manager!!

I’m sure he has a manager. And if he’s like a store manager then report him to H.R. or ask for a district manager’s number.

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Sounds like he could be making it a hostile work environment. If it gets too bad, you can request a meeting with his supervisor or your HR dept. to voice your discomfort.

At first, every time he talks, stop working. Completely. Look him in the eyes and give him ur undivided attention. Even if u hate it. Eventually he will notice that no work is getting done by u and let u get back to work. If he asks u why u can’t work and listen, tell him u can’t do both things at the same time because u need to give ur undivided attention to ur job. He sounds very needy and unprofessional. U are not his sounding board. He is ur manager, not ur therapy client. If this advice does not work, report him to H.R. and tell them u would like to have it documented what is happening and u would appreciate them keeping it quiet. And see them every time he does this. Even if it’s daily.


I’d politely tell him I’m focusing on my work I’m bieng paid for and have my talk time on breaks n lunches !!thats a good enough explanation why you’re not chatting away wasting company time ? Or go speak to his supervisor higher Management n express this situation ??

Every time he starts talking about himself just turn the conversation back to work. Start asking him questions about the work and he will go away cause he doesn’t want to focus on that.

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You speak to him 1 on 1 and do a follow up email about what was said in the conversation. If that does not help you go speak to HR and file a complaint. He can not retaliate against you either for doing this. As a manager myself documentation is your best friend in the workplace. Best of luck.

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Sometimes you have to be straight up with people like this! You dont have to be rude or mean however just get straight to the point!!!

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Overwhelmed by his new position. If you’ve done all of the above suggestions/comments and symptoms still persists :face_with_raised_eyebrow:,You can pretend to be listening but go on with your work, after all he is your manager :woman_shrugging:t5: .

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Go to HR. If he is so self centered, hard to tell what is down the road.

Managers stick together. Tell his ass, either way, you could get fired. It should be me, he stay away or pipe down with me. Fake like you hear him, keep it moving…