Needing advice on my daughters thick hair

I need advice, so my daughter is 4 and brushing her hair is such a struggle everyday she has thick hair like me, and it gets knotted up just overnight I tried putting in braids at night she takes them out I tried the wet brush pick Combing I tried leave-in conditioner once I even just put the brush to her hair she cries says it hurts, so we fight I cut her hair before to a bob and it still knotted up any mommies in here have advice or secrets I’m at a loss I don’t want my daughter to go through what I went through!


Always brush from the bottom and then the middle and then the top


I started using Not Your Mothers curl talk line and brushing my hair in the shower. After i got out of the shower I’d comb it with a detangle brush and put it in a high bun and use clipsor bobbi pins to hold it up

I use a spray bottle with water and conditioner in my daughter’s hair. Her hair gets so knotted if I don’t out it up before she goes to bed.

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Brush the bottom first then the while thing. Try brushing it in the shower when conditioner is still in.

Thin it out I had to with my 3 year old when we cut it

I tried the leave in conditioners and rectangle sprays for my daughter. The only thing that worked was getting a spray bottle, filling it with conditioner and warm water…shake it up. Spray on her hair…got every tangle out. She will still fuss from time to time…but better than screaming, crying, and hitting…which she would do every time I had to brush her hair


Brush in the shower with the conditioner first. Then have it in braids most of the time. It helps the tangles not happen in the first place.

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Use a wide tooth comb to comb conditioner through it in the shower. Wring hair out with a towel, but don’t rub it. Put cream leave in conditioner in it and brush through with a wet brush in sections. Either braid it or bun it for sleeping. Use spray leave in conditioner and a wet brush in the mornings. Make sure you’re fully brushing her hair out at least 2-3 times a day so massive knots don’t form.

I brush my hair every other day in the shower with conditioner in it and if its super yucky on day two I just were it in a bun or ponytail.

My daughters and I have natural curly hair. Every morning I rub this in my hands apply to their/my hair and I comb bottom, middle, then top. Works great!!


I have thick, wirey, tangled up hair. What helps me the most is getting it professionally thinned, using conditioner everytime I wash and letting it soak in, and then using infusium 23.

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I’m a naturally curly haired mama! Start from the ends and comb towards the top! A tiny bit of Moroccan oil or Argan Oil helps a lot! Or get a detangling spritz from your salon.
Maybe have your stylist thin her hair out so it’s not so heavy and bulky, if that’s an issue too! It helps my hair so much and makes it more manageable!

Brush bottom to top slowly. Also, what kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use in her hair? ive found dove and Garnier whole blends shampoos and conditioners have helped me get through my daughters hair better and kept it more unknotted. If all else fails, thin it out.

My hair is like that so I only brush it after a shower/bath

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Get her hair layered. That’s what I had to do with mine

Detangle brush, and start brushing from the bottom to the top.

Brush from the bottom up. Use a kids detangler and leave in conditioner. Brushing in the shower will make it easier, but also causes more hair loss. So just keep that in mind. Hair tangling really easy is a sign that her hair is unhealthy and an occasional trim should be able to help that. Wrap her hair up at night with a silk cap or durag.

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Detangler, or cut it short.