Needing advice on parenting a child with Autism

My oldest son (6) has autism. He was finally officially diagnosed about a year ago. Lately, my house feels like I’m not the one in charge. I have had to lock up my refrigerator, game controllers, tv remotes, and DVD disks. He knows what he wants and how to control most of the electronic devices. He was earning game time for doing homework/school work, but now he thinks he can play whenever. He has a difficult time sleeping. He ends up staying up late and waking up early and waking everyone with him, mostly his little brother and sister. I don’t know how to discipline him and help him see that there are consequences for his actions. I have already locked up electronics and set up a system where he can earn time by doing “chores,” but it doesn’t seem to be working. His tantrums and messes seem to get worse every day. I even took a guidance class and am trying to do the positive redirection, but he ends up blowing up, and it frustrates me more. I’m at my wit’s end. What can I do?


When he plays games without time bring him back and remind him he has to do XYZ to get game time. Visuals help!
Sleep: Talk to your doctor!! We go through rollercoaster of ups and downs with sleep.

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Are you getting help from any services? Things like psychology and occupational therapy helped my son out a lot they also helped me find a way to work with him in a
More productive way
Good luck mumma there kids are a challenge but the rewards are awesome :heart:

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Can you get him out and run him a football field for an hour everyday. After dinner. Hugs. Maybe his body needs the physical release. My kids go like that with wifi. And since this lockdown mine have become more agitated easily. Hugs.


I’m so sorry your going through a rough time.

My advice is reach out to a center for help!
I used to work at CARD. (Center for autism and related disorders). And they were fantastic to work with.

Get help so you can be a family again:) good luck and your not alone!

Look into services that he is eligible for! You can access supports and services to help you navigate this. I don’t have a child with autism, but as a social worker I encourage you to look into this! When programs are done correctly (by both provider and family) they can be extremely beneficial to the parents/caregivers and the child. I’m sorry this has been tough on you. But I promise you are not alone and there are people out there who can support you!

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Yes, check into any and all services available, not just for your son but for you as well. Hang in there!

Is he in therapy at all? With autism diagnosis he is eligible for services. Applied behavior analysis could help a bunch. The therapist should be able to give you pointers to use with him so there is a continuum of care. Hang in there mama you are strong and you have got this!


Maybe different meds for him

There’s an amazing family who vlog on YouTube. Their daughter has autism (she’s older then your son) but they’ve been doing it for years and have some amazing tips and tricks. Their name is ‘Fathering Autism’ they also share their videos on Facebook.

Behavioral therapy may be a good place to start. I would also take everything away from him that he likes. He is melting down and doesnt know how to express himself. Remove him from everyone and everything else. Dont try to talk to him. Not engage. Just remove. Once he calms down, he can speak about what is happening.

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I have 0 experience with autism so i cannot offer advice in that aspect, depending on your internet carrier, i know specifically with xfinity you can restrict wifi connectivity to his devices as well at set time limits. You can also pause all his devices or the entire network right through the app. I use that feature a lot with my kid as well as my nephew.

Besides hurting another kid, I let my son do whatever he wanted. He is now 21 and the best kid I’ve ever seen.

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My 11 year with Autism was put on clonidin for sleep issues. It has also helped his outburst. My kiddo is also on concerta for ADHD

I dont know where you live but definitely reach out to a regional center. I worked in a residential care facility for children with varying degrees of autism for 6 years. Your struggle is so real mama. If you can still safely move him on your own that’s your best bet for tantrums. Let him have them but only in his safe space, like his bed. Then when he’s all done he can resume normal stuff. Holding your ground and consistency is your best friend. It is tough in the beginning I know, but pays off in the long run, sets him up for success. Locking things down and up is how it has to start. Sucks I know but it wont always be this way. He WILL learn that his outbursts dont get him what he wants. Timers are also best friends. Strict schedules. Find an outlet for him. Stemming toys/tools. I know things are crazy right now but like everyone has said, reach out! There’s so many services available to you.

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Keep redirecting! He will see your not giving up your control sooner or later… it’s a process, don’t give up! (Also, find a therapist to help support you!!)

Schedule and routine. When school is out we all tend to get off schedule but some kids need rigid structure. Get up at the same time each day. Follow the same routine and put some gametime in. Also, melatonin for sleep

This is my life!! My day consists of avoiding tantrums and managing behaviors.

Have you taken him to a dr that specializes in autism.I have 2 great nephews who have is non verbal the other does very well.both have to be medicated to calm them down.not enough to make them zombi3s just helps them to focus and calms down their thing ever.Also I have a granddaughter I have adopted who has adhd and she takes meds to help her focus and helps her with her mood.its a miracle.she functions very wel with it.