Needing advice on potty training a stubborn child

Any advice on how to potty train a very stubborn child. She is three and refuses to use the potty.


my five year old asd son is very stubborn, i bought a toy for his all his pull ups( as he got the toy if he gave up his pull up) and it been a week and no pull ups. And its not bn be easy. If its it’s the switching part add just sitting on the potty before bed with stickers for reward.

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Look in to the “potty watch” on Amazon! As 30, 60, 90 min timer. Lights up and plays music to encourage them to use the potty. Loved the one i had. Also help me remember take the kids to try.

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My 2 and half year old looks at the watch and says not yet in… just a min. LOL


Put her in panties, not diapers, not pull ups. Take to the bathroom right after she wakes up, and every hour. If she doesn’t go, take her 20-30 minutes later. Praise her for going to the potty, don’t scold her for accidents, just remind her to tell you next time, clean her up, and put on new panties. After 3-5 days she should be fully potty trained. The first day is the hardest, then she’ll see you aren’t giving up, stay positive and so will she.


Following. My 4 yr old son will pee in the potty but refuses to poop in the potty. I’ve tried everything!

She will catch on just keep trying. It takes some kids longer to adjust.

Following because my 4 yo is still struggling.

3 year olds are smart. Just tell her that she can’t go to big girl school in a diaper. If you have to do songs and rewards it’s to early unless the child is a boy.

Our daughter loves Sonic the Hedgehog but they only make them in boys undies… so she got boy undies. No more diapers. She also likes her privacy. I leave her on the potty and she lets me know when she’s done. Good luck.

My daughter, who is EXTREMELY stubborn, refused to sit on the potty or wear underwear so I honestly didn’t force it too much. Ended up letting her run around the house naked for a day and, I swear to you, she was potty trained by the end of that day. This was a few weeks ago, and she turned 3 in March. Only one accident since.

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We did naked from waist down for 3 days. Mine was potty trained by day 3. She asked for a diaper, i told her no to go in her potty. She had special toys she could only play with on the potty. She also got new DVDs and got to watch a little if she put potty in the potty


Stickers helped big time with our son if he went potty he got a sticker and we clapped and said good job big boy

I put a “treasure box” in bathroom every time she went she got a prize .
Kept her naked beginning Friday by Sunday she was trained

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Naked for a few days and some reverse psychology…told her only to pee in the potty because only big girls poop on the potty…she doesn’t like being told what not to do :woman_facepalming::joy:


I had 2 potties, one in living room and one in bathroom… To help her in case she couldn’t make it to the 1st one.

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Give her a reward for going potty like a snack-size candy bar or something

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I used expo markers and let them sit backwards on the toliet and draw. They only got to use them when trying to use bathroom. If they got bored I added stickers.

Dont use pulls, make potty charts, let her pick out undies, makeup silly potty songs Elmo potty movie and books


Bribery works wonders

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