Needing advice on products for my daughters hair

What do you mama’s use on your daughter’s hair? My daughter is a year and a half, and I would like it to grow faster. It’s longer in some spots and shorter in others. She has some gaps from where she sleeps too. Do I just have to wait for her hair to finish the baby phase? Are there any products and routines y’all recommend that could help with this. Would trimming it all to be the same length help? Thank you!


My daughters hair was the same I trimmed it then just let it grow. They still go through a phase of loosing hair. I don’t know about any hair growth products but give it time momma and it will be long thick and beautiful.

When my girls were little I started using this stuff my grandma had, it was called German hair tonic or something. It was basically a mixture of different oils.
These girls have the thickest, healthiest hair you’ll ever see. And it grows so fast!
Idk if it’s from the oil, or just genes. 🤷

I know it sounds wierd but my hubby’s family told us to shave the babies head. My sin was the same. His hair grew back quick and even and thicker. We did his around 16 months. My daughter is 3 months now. We’re gonna do hers after the holidays.

It will grow at it’s own pace. Shes a baby and theres nothing u can do. My girls were all bald when they were born and thur hair is so beautiful now. Again shes a baby .use a head band. No matter what shes gonna be cute.

You need to get the ends trimmed off at first yes a good portion of a trim and then after that every two months get a little tiny tiny trim or it will never get thick and it’s knotting because the ends of split and dry you need to get your child’s haircut if you want to get thicker


She’s too young for hair regimens wait it out


:notes:Let it gro-ow! Let it grow…:notes:


Girl… find some patience. That baby hair soon grow :smiley:

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My daughter was born with lots of hair, lost most of it by 6 months old, so it was patchy and uneven for a long time. You just have to be patient and it will grow in. My daughter now has more hair than I know what to do with!!!
And most products that claim to make your hair grow faster, aren’t meant to be used on infants anyway.

I trimmed my daughters hair when she was that little so that it was mostly even. Then it started filling in and growing out. Before I knew it it was down to her waist and beautiful!

My mom always told me that if you rub the spot where you want hair to grow the rubbing will active the hair follicles to grow in those spots.

Be patient momma bear ! :wink:


Monat has a great children’s line of shampoo products. All plant base, vegan.


Leave it alone. Wash it as usual and thats it. All those thin spots will grow in along with any bald spots. Give it time other parts of her body need more attention than her hair!


I think all Baby Girls have that problem

I’d leave it for now, and just wait til it has matured a little.

It will change, SO FAST, and before you know it, her hair will be completely different.

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This may sound crazy but cheap suave professionals 2 in 1 is what i use here even on my daughters. We get compliments on how long our hair looks. I’ve been using this shampoo for at least 5 years. Its PH balanced that may have something to do with it

This is just one of the many milestones you will be waiting for. Each in its’ own time.

Shave off the head .i mean yours😂

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