Needing advice on putting my 9 month old on a sleep schedule

I need advice on the sleep schedule! Baby is nine months, going to bed around 8 pm, waking up around 7/8 am had three naps a day. Now shes went to go to bed around 7/8, waking up every 2hrs and then staying awake at 6 am. She still takes 2/3 naps but never more than 1hr long. I breastfeed, and we switch between her being in bed with me to her being in her bed that’s beside my bed.

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Just do the same thing every day. When naps are harder to get settled for your ready to drop one. But if baby is tired let her sleep but not late in the day. I always cut naps off at 4pm so there would be no night time confusion. Otherwise just roll with the punches. Regressions and cluster feedings can throw a schedule right out.

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My kid took 2 hr naps a day one morning and the other at 2p he woke up at 7 a every morning.He was in bed by 8 every night but never slept well until we decided to co sleep so every kid is different but i wish u the best girl being up all night sux

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I do not co sleep our kids all sleep in a crib in our room til about 1 then we move them to their own room. My 2 yr old still does not sleep through the night. My 9 month old sleeps much better in her own room we moved her 2 weeks ago because she wasn’t sleeping well in our room. I make sure she eats well before bedtime which is around 7/8 when she’s tired I try to give her baby food around 6 and a bottle around 7 she sleeps til 6am now

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Give her a nice warm baby food add baby rice if necessary and top it off with a nice warm bottle of breastmilk before bed.

Cut the naps down, my son’s bed scheduled is 8pm and usually up between 6am-9am we don’t hardly do naps, if he falls asleep while playing then j let him sleep, sometimes he sleeps better 30mins to 4hours,and then we continue with the same 8pm bed routine. Cut naps down to maybe 1 or 2

Thats a lot of naps!

There’s a sleep regression at this age and there’s nothing you can do other than push through it. I’m currently there with my 8 1/2 month old myself. I promise it eventually ends!

Sleep regression… It will eventually pass… download the Wonder Weeks app and you can follow a personalized calendar that will tell you when your child is going though certain leaps and what to expect…

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Sleep regression. Happened with my daughter around 4 months and then again at 9 months!

adjust the time of naps and bedtime by 10 minute increments once every few days until you find something that works for all of you. never radically change sleep schedules or environments as that can potentially cause more sleep issues. routines help with some children as well. my daughter had her days and nights mixed up and I went with this method and she was on a good sleep schedule after two pretty never wrecking weeks but it was worth it. and try to stay calm and patient around sleep times as much as possible

If you are not starting her on solids yet you should be doing so, cereal shortly before bed will help with sleep, she won’t waffle up hungry so often. Also she is the right agree for another growing spurt which she will need more food.

She’s probably going through a growth spurt and needing extra food. Beyond that, try not to put lights on or make too much noise/talking when baby wakes up at night. Keep things calm quiet and dark. It will get better soon. That or just cold turkey put her in her bed and get yourself a baby monitor and remember that baby has a full belly a clean diaper and is somewhere safe and don’t go in. With my two, us going to check on them wakes them up more than they were. They fuss in their sleep sometimes :upside_down_face:

My youngest did this at 9 months but it was a lot worse. He was getting reoccurring ear infections. Had to get tubes in his ears at 11 months old.

Sounds exactly like my situation but my baby will be 7 months next week.

Growth spurt or sleep regression. It’s the age.

It could be a growth spurt or teething. You can try more solids before bedtime. Tylenol or something for teething.