Needing advice on teaching my daughter spanish/english

To the bilingual mommas, I need help to know if it’s normal or what to do. My daughter is three years old, and we only speak Spanish to my daughter since we want her to know her it before English. Well, in some words, she says well and others she doesn’t pronounce well, it sounds funny whenever that happens, I tell her the correct way and to say it slowly, so she does but doesn’t come out as it supposes to be. Will she get it through time? I kinda worry whenever she goes to preschool and wont really understand English but people tell me she will learn fast. we read books in both languages, also tv and talking to her.


English is one of the hardest languages to learn . Spanish being the easiest

Its normal keep speaking both languages … it feels slow but if she is bouncing between 2 its fine as long as there is progress… and you understand a majority of what she says. But if you tji m she needs help reach out to your school about speach evaluation


You should have probably taught her English first since it’s a he’s language to learn and then taught her Spanish. I say get her leap frog letter factory it’s a dvd and that’s how my daughter learned how to read and sound out words

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You’re doing amazing :clap: my mom doesn’t speak English only Spanish so I learned Spanish first and then my cousins would speak to me in English. I learned English at church too from hearing other kids talk. But when I went to kindergarten I learned English. Same with my siblings. As soon as she goes to school she will learn so quick because of her classmates. Don’t worry she’s going to be okay. If the teachers notice any challenges then they’ll refer her to a speech therapist and they will work with her


I am also teaching my son both languages and he is 15 months old and responds to both English and Spanish but we speak to him in both since he was born. So for example if I say sit down I will also say sientate. Now he will respond and understand both and I’m sure once he is speaking he might say some words funny but he will get through it. I’m sure your daughter will as well. Their little minds are soaking up everything right now :heart:

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My mom told me, kids that learn 2 languages, it takes them a bit longer to fully pronounce the words correctly as well as taking a bit longer to use full sentences in each. It just takes time. Keep doin what youre doin and she’ll be fine :upside_down_face:

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Do both at the same time. She’ll learn to differentiate earlier. We talk to ours in 2 dialects for Portuguese english Italian and Spanish … we go in and out w them in convos and they don’t skip a beat. They are now 8 and 4.

She is 3 … most kids still have a hard time pronouncing words at 4-5. Give it time.


Following keenly for my three year old son who’s struggling with fluency in English and Swahili.

And can speak only one Spanish sentence in his entire being ’ yo no hablo español’

Absolutely hilarious and huge achievement in Nairobi.

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You are doing great, don’t worry about it yet, she will learn, my little girl is 2 and she understands and says words in English and she understands Spanish great as my family talk to her in Spanish and i do both, and she does great with her dad bc he just speaks English

Our daughter gets babysat by her godparents, they are Spanish, we are not…I love that she is learning Spanish from them, she is 3 and understands it and will hopefully speak it soon

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I talk to my daughters in both languages. Whatever I say in Spanish I repeat in English. My oldest 14 Spanish was her first language. She was fluent. Now she can sort of read it, she understands it but speaking is ok. My 3 younger ones 5,4 and 1 understand Spanish but they always answer me in English. Not fluent when speaking in Spanish. My 5year old is getting better with it as she is getting bigger

I want to say first that I do understand how beneficial it is to a child to be bilingual. So I think it’s great that you’re teaching her both languages. But I would for sure try to focus on them equally at least. Because I home school my daughter because of COVID and there is a little boy who is in her class who’s first language is Spanish. If he is by himself, he gets so frustrated because he doesn’t understand completely what the teacher is saying so it seems like he doesn’t know the answer. But if his mom is sitting with him translating what the teacher is saying to him. He knows the answer every time.

She’ll be perfectly fine. We spoke English and Spanish to my daughters since they were babies, they picked both languages up at once. Now they are 11 and 12 years old and fully understand and speak both languages. They learned how to read and write in English but surprised me when I heard them reading in Spanish since they were never formally taught. I think just continue to communicate to her in both and they’ll both just feel natural to her as she grows up.

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Mispronunciation is perfectly normal at that age. But speak both. They will continue to learn both. :heart:

My mom worked with someone who only taught her daughter Spanish and when she started school she was really behind her peers because they had to teach her English. By the time her 2nd daughter was born she taught her English and Spanish. Teach her English also

I just speak Spanish to her trust me they will pick up on the language

She will pick it up and be able to pronounce the words. Songs and watching her favorite shows in Spanish will help as well. They love to sing along. That’s how I taught my youngest

Only speak Spanish at home . Speak English when she is around people who only speak English . She will learn English well at school / play groups . Best to start at a very young age and it will be a breeze for her !

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