Needing advice on the best birth control

I’m really young with two babies already, and I’m looking to be put on birth control in a week. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about different kinds of birth control and how it affected people, so I’m super scared. I know everyone’s body is different, but can anyone recommend what you think is best and why? Can anyone also share what they had bad experiences with? Thanks so much


NUVA RING is amazeballs!!! You can control exactly when your period happens… It was only 3 days… And the lightest periods I ever had… No pills to take daily… With that I never had a weekend period, and no side effects


IUD. You can remove it at any time.


I had the Mirena IUD for 15 years, and had 0 issues. It lasts for 5 years. The only side effect I had was no period.


If your breastfeeding :breast_feeding: the mini pill is amazing!


I love my nexplanon! No periods, no weight gain, easy to put in and remove

Paraguard. I’ve had one for 10 years. On my second one. I’ve had it in for 3 years now. No problems

Nexplanon. Inserted in your upper arm, lasts 3yrs, and I haven’t had my period with it in 5yrs. Best thing ever

Implanon might be good in your situation. You don’t have to remember anything.
An iud from what I hear is good. I’ve never had one but if it’s something you’re comfortable with it’s worth a shot

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Mirena iud was bad for me. I could always feel it and sex they say the strings (wire) won’t hurt him. Also ended up with a much heavier period. It was easy to have taken out after a year I had had enough. Pills caused some weight gain and had to take them same time each day and not forget. After the last kid I had my tubes tied… this I’m happy with.

I’m on my second mirena and I love it. My first one gave me really bad side pain occasionally but I’ve had no problems with my new one and my period only lasts a day

I would stay away from Implanon and the Depo shoot I’ve used both the shoot caused seizures and the Implanon caused me terrible anxiety attacks. Go with the Copper IUD no hormones so alot less side effects


Xulane. It’s a patch. One patch per week for 3 weeks, one week off to cycle. Works wonders. Havent had any issues related to the birth control. (* I do have a medical history of issues with my reproductive organs, but the birth control hasn’t exacerbated any of it*)

Microgestin low estrogen…had no side effects only the first month my period was irregular

Like you said everyone is different. Talk w your doc and go from there. I had the iud my body rejected it. Went on the depo I was a raging bitch. So I went on the seasonal which was nice 4 times a year get period but you have to take every day! So the best is that he gets fixed!

Don’t do depo. I was on it way to long. Played into osteoporosis. IUD my body rejected shorty after and I got a cyst. Hate taking pills…I’d like any suggestions myself if ok…

I’ve had the depo shot… it made me gain weight. I’ve had the ring… it wouldn’t stay in. I’ve had the patch, I was allergic. I’ve had the IUD and it gave me an infection and I wouldn’t stop bleeding nonstop. I’m now using the pill and it hasn’t given me any problems

I use nuva ring for almost 6 years. You can take it out every three weeks to get your period of leave it in for four if you dont want your period. I personally haven’t had no issues.

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This is my second time with an IUD. I love it

I had the Mirena IUD for 10 years, and had 0 issues. It lasts for 5 years. The only side effect I had was no period. I’m just about to go back for my 3rd.
It hurts going in and coming out! But it’s totally worth it!