Needing advice on what products to use for my African American sons hair

Frobabie hair products are the best

My 3 kids are half african american. :slightly_smiling_face: Firstly, do not shampoo his hair daily. It is not needed and shampoo dries it out. Curly/textured hair needs moisture. Moisture, moisture, moisture, cant stress that enough. I wash my kids hair about once a week, and every other day i just re-wet it in the bath & put some moisturizing curl cream or leave in conditioner. You can condition it as often as you need to, just not shampoo. Use a wide tooth comb to comb out knots. Right now we use the product “miss jessies, leave in condish” from walmart. Its the best store brand cream ive used so far. Pm if you have any questions! Also, this is for when hes a bit older & has alot of hair. If hes an infant, just a little hair oil will do


I would suggest taking him to a salon or barber and having them teach you about his curl pattern. Not all curly hair or curl pattern is the same. Some need more oils and some need more cream based products and certain products work better for certain hair types. Also don’t wash his hair everyday it will dry out his scalp.

This shampoo, follwed by…

This leave in conditioner. I put grease (leave in coco oil conditioner) in multiple times a day to ease the dry scalp for my 9 yr old.

Its important to grease the scalp, not just the hair. 2 of my boys are mixed… my oldest son’s hair is manageable with minimum effort but my youngest gets super dry scalp & these 2 products so the trick

Don’t wash it really often either. My daughter isnt mixed but her hair is really dry and coarse. She washes it twice a week max. Its help tremendously!$

The biggest mistake most people make is over washing. If his scalp is dry, you are probably washing too frequently and stripping the natural oils from his scalp.

Curly Girl Method can be used on men.
Look it up on f.b

Use this on damp hair. It’s our favorite.

Also, you don’t have to explain how your skin doesn’t match your son’s. That’s a heart matter, not a visual matter.


I love that you’re asking for help! You are being a great Mama


I honestly do not know, BUT check out TikTok and YouTube. Lots of POC with natural hair share their favorite products/styling tips and I would imagine a few of them share products for their children!

We use the Shea moisture baby line for my sons hair. His scalp was very dry then we started putting this oil on his scalp and it seems to help.

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Please don’t wash his hair daily also when you wash it use conditioner follow by scalp pomade.

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Hi! Do not wash it daily, or even every other day. I wet it, run a comb through it and put in a leave in conditioner (I use the mixed chick’s line) in a swirling motion in the direction of the curl pattern. It is every day, for his life. Products work differently on everyone, so just find what works best and don’t be afraid to ask questions! Best of luck :slightly_smiling_face:

Get a spray bottle and spritz his hair with water so it gets damp and add some styling product to his hair before you comb/brush it. Don’t comb/brush his hair while dry.

Mixed chicks is great dont use Cantu products they will dry his hair and scalp out more… Aunt Jackie’s is another great brand too

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Talk to his pediatrician. Dark and Lovely has great products but I don’t know if they’re necessarily geared toward children. My mom used Just for Me product on my hair when I was a kid and they worked great as long as you’re willing to maintain his hair. Ultra Sheen is also a great product. Check out Sally’s Beauty Supply’s website too. Best of luck!

Cantu for both my kids

This works wonders .

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