Needing advice on what products to use for my African American sons hair

And try olive oil in his head after you bathe him … Leave it in over night .

This is what my kids use and they have beautiful curls

Children’s Natural Hair Care & More this group is amazing & they’re super sweet !

I have 3 mixed kids. They’re teenagers now and we’ve cycled through so many products, but finally found a brand called Mixed Chicks, and it is AMAZING!


If it’s curly, forever. Mizzani has some great products, I use on my daughter who has extremely dry/curly hair. Once he’s a little older you are going to have to figure out what type of hair/curl pattern (ABCD 1-4 or combinations) which may change several times over the course of his life. Good luck!

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Main, most important thing I learned was to not wash my baby’s hair everyday. It dries out her scalp really bad. So I shampoo her hair once every 2weeks and condition it once a week. I personally like the ‘Gold Series’ Pantene line. It’s specifically made for textured hair. I use their shampoo, conditioner, & leave in conditioner for my 5yr old. As for other hair products, it’s really a hit or miss. I have 3 curly heads and all 3 have different textures so what works for one may not always work for the other.
I think it’s great that you’re asking questions and trying to learn how to manage your son’s hair. :grin::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Shea moisture, mixed chicks, Carol’s daughter all great lines


Take your kid to a hair stylist that specializes in their type of hair. Find one who can show you how to deal with his hair. Also google and YouTube will get you a long ways.


I seriously don’t understand why someone would laugh at this… smdh!! But first you don’t have to explain why you and your sons color of skin is different and second I think it’s amazing that you humbled yourself and asked for help! I would definitely bring him to a black owned barber shop and they will be more the willing to help you. Good luck momma you got this❤️


I love this story !! Lol I have mixed son and I use the Shea moisture brand! My favorite and a leave in spray or “smoothie” cream. Also leave in !


If his scalp is dry massage some baby oil to it and don’t dry it. Yes you will have to treat his hair his whole life. Curly hair requires 10 times the work but at least he will look FABULOUS and not plain. When he grows up a little more go to a hair salon that’s more African American centered and I’m sure they will be happy to give you more advice.


Olive lotions you can it at Walgreens and Walmart smells amazing too, I have three mixed babies :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and you use it daily about a quarter size or more seeing his scalp is dry use twice a day until it clears up.

We use palmers conditioning shampoo and shea Cantu leave in conditioner

Organic coconut oil is about to become your best friend it will help with dryness and help curls to be more manageable only wash his hair once every 2wks but condition it once a week and use the coconut oil everyday

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Momma post this in a couple group local to you, I’m sure a momma would be more happy to help. With them being local they might even meet up with you and show you how to do it. I’ve seen this happen in a few groups I’m in locally.


Depends on his hair or curl type. For eg. My child has 3c hair ( you can Google) and then Google products for the particular hair . We use Talia wajid curly curl sealer and aunt Jackie’s curl whip . Talia wajid shampoo and a coconut oil natural conditioner X

Aveda hair products… Brilliant line…kinda expensive but alot goes along way. He needs moisture. Goodluck

Moisturizing everything lol

Try to find a hair dresser that has the same type of hair or is familiar with that hair type. I used to had super thick curls that if I added any moisturizing oils itd cause my hair to be greasy but my scalp to be dry by the end of the day.

Bi-racial children are typically the most beautiful. :slight_smile:
I agree with others, find a hair stylist that has experience in this. They’ll guide you. Don’t experiment on your child.
You don’t have to go to an expensive salon. Start with your local mom & pop places. You’ll be surprised what they know & how willing they are to help!!!