Needing advice on what products to use for my biracial daughter

Hi all! I need some help. I have a biracial daughter and was wondering what kind of products you would recommend. I have tried everything over the years. Our favorite at the moment is carols daughters. Her hair is mixed of straight and super curly and super thick. She’s going through a phase where she doesn’t like it because she’s not able to brush or style it herself (11) we get her hair braided with beads, but she is so tender-headed she hates it. What are your thoughts on relaxers at 11? I remind her every day how beautiful she is and how I would love to have her hair, but I need suggestions. Is just for kids relaxers any good?


Get a denman brush and keep her hair conditioned and oiled

Don’t relax it. It will never be the same. Check out YouTube for some ideas

If her head hurts then you need to tell braiders to take it easy, if the pull to tight they can pull her hair out from root :cry:happened to my daughter.

My mom used relaxers on mine and my sisters hair when we were young and it made our hair more manageable but it changed the texture forever

Curly kids!! Its amazing for biracial hair :blush:

Oddly enough suave has worked well for us along with the Cantu products. I too have tried every frizzy, thick, dry, moisturizing item on the market! My kids hair isnt overly thick but def curly and a little frizzy. Oh and tresume gel in number 4 or 5!!

Look for the curly girl method Facebook page there is a wealth of knowledge that can help you

Carols daughter and twisted sista hair products, I only co wash with carols daughter conditioner and add a little extra to hair to leave in after rinsing. I never touch my sons hair with a comb or fingers once it’s about half way dry and I find it looks best when he cooperates and lets me hand form his curls while damp after applying product. It’s taken me time to figure out what works best for his hair and at only 18 months it just continues to change on me lol!:heart:

Cantu for kids. Or a lil pink oil moisturizer

Relaxers aren’t good for anyone at any age. And on very thick very curly hair, it tends to turn to a straw like texture quickly!! Gonna have to teach her to embrace that hair… wish my mother did that for me. Mixed chicks is great product line, and buy a good hair straightener!

Go find a store or beauty shop that sells products for black woman and girls they can help you

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I would recommend a Brazilian Blowout :100:

Please check out the Facebook page mommies of biracial babies. Lots of wonderful advice. Please, please, no relaxers. Every hair type is different. What works for some doesn’t work for others and hair will develop a resistance after a while. You’ll have to switch it up.

If you want to pursue a relaxer, please don’t do it at home, and no offense, but please don’t take her to a white salon. They aren’t always trained properly on ethnic hair and can do more damage than good. Find a reputable black salon (good place to start would be to ask her father’s female relatives where they go if that’s an option), set her up an appointment for a q&a, and then allow her to be part of the decision from there.

Not every biracial girl or woman wants to rock the natural look, and frankly some resent the extra effort it takes to do anything with our hair compared to that of our white moms or sisters. If she wants to relax her hair for convenience (it will make her life so much easier when her hair is more manageable, trust me), I think you should look into it. I’ve had mine done since I was seven or eight.

They can also take a look hands on at the texture and moisture needs for her hair personally, and assist you towards products whether she decides to relax or keep it natural. But I have a permanent bald spot from my licensed grandmother using one of those home relaxers that I’ve had since I was about eight or nine, and I’ve never used a home kit since lol. I’m giving you the exact same advice someone gave my mom after the bald spot, in hopes to get you pointed the right direction before the bald spot even has a chance to happen. Good luck!

I would not recommend a relaxer. Relaxers aren’t very good for the hair or scalp. If done improperly, your daughter’s hair could fall out, and she won’t be allowed to scratch her scalp when it is time for her to relax her hair again. If she does scratch her scalp, her scalp will burn when the relaxer is being applied. I recommend sticking with the braid and trying an excellent detangler like Kinky-Curly hair detangler. I use it on my hair, and my hair is thick, bushy, and curly.

Keep a wide toothed comb in the shower. Have her comb through her hair only when conditioning…rinse and if needed use fingers to comb through while towel drying… Put on preferred products (curly kids is good, but I’m sure she’ll try many as she grows) scrunch if needed and let dry naturally.
My sister has 3 biracial kids and just now learning the proper way to care for them beautiful curls.

Get a Silk press or the Instyler tool is what i use.

Check out the curly girl method. Please don’t chemically straighten her hair. It will ruin her natural wave and body of her hair. Even the Brazilian blowout is dangerous.

Brazilian … this works