Needing advice on who to have in the room when I give birth

I am having a baby girl in April. I need some advice on deciding who I want to be in the room. The father and I split up, and he has said some very hateful things about her. So I didn’t think I wanted him to be there, but at the same time, he is still the person I love, and he is the only one who comforts me. My aunt raised me, and she was in the room when I had my son if I let her in there again, my mother will be extremely jealous. My mother and I haven’t really had a close relationship, but she lives with me now because she was homeless, and I needed help with a caretaker for my son while I worked. She was not in the room when I had him because she told me I shouldn’t have him and that I’d end up harming him. I forgave her and let her be in his life and live with us. She gives me severe anxiety, though. So I am confused about who I should let in the room, and would it be bad if I didn’t want anyone in there with me this time?


Your baby, your birth, your choice! You owe nobody any explanations. If you feel uncomfortable, you can always say that the nurses gave you a limit and rely on them to enforce your choices. Nurses will always be happy to help you with things like that! Congratulations


Maybe look into hiring a Doula?

I didn’t have anybody with me when I gave birth. Not a single soul, and it was great!

They can always wait in the waiting room… You don’t need any extra stress at that moment…


I reckon do it by yourself but if you feel you need someone I would say your auntie

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Do it alone or allow a friend. It’s your body and the staff at the hospital will honor your wishes.

This is about you. You should only have who you want there. It’s not about someone else’s feelings. Even if that means no one. Hugs and love :heart:

I’d just let your aunt :blush:


why would you want anyone at such a time-it is very stressful- I was throwing up and in much pain-don’t like for people to see me like that-everyone is different

The only person who seems to have been their for you, regardless the circumstance, is your aunt. If you should have anyone it should be her…again…xx

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If I was you, I’d have my aunt in the room again.


Tell your mom to screw off. You need to only let in people who can help you have a successful non stressful birth.

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Aunt & allow mom in for a short time. Maybe during labor & not delivery.

Its sounds like your aunt is the only one you had nothing negative to say about. Labor is about you and the birth of the baby. Focus on what you want


Have people that will put you at ease and screw anyone who forces you to pick them. You need a support team when in labour with people who are going to comfort you and put you at ease.

Your aunt. Don’t let jealousy ruin what you guys have.


It’s a stressful time. IF you have anyone in the room with you, it should be someone who relaxes you and makes you feel comfortable. Don’t do something because you feel you “should”.

This is one of the only times where you saying “this is what I want and that is that!” Is 100% OKAY! do what will make YOU comfortable and less stressed. Just your aunt? Aunt and ex? Just you? Just ex? You decide. You need to be comfy and relaxed to have the safest birth possible. Anyone who gets butthurt is an absolute child, honestly.


It is possible to not have anyone with u…