Needing baby girl name ideas

Hello, I am 5-months pregnant with my first baby girl! My husband and I have been looking for names EVERYWHERE! We cannot seem to find a name we both agree on; we have searched high & low. Does anyone have any uncommon/sweet baby girl names to suggest?


We had the hardest time with girl names as well! We ended up with Alisha Joy :heavy_heart_exclamation:

We used our grandmother’s names

I named my daughter Brina :heart:

My daughters name is Reign

My daughter is Ryleigh Teagan we call her Teagan a lot because it means beautiful

I named my baby girl Avery Grace , love it and can’t wait for her to have a sister named Alice Elaine

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I only have a few girls in the fam, their names are Abigail, Stevie, Vienna, Sadie, bonnie, violet and tiara
Hope that helps lol

Our new little one is Autumn Lee…our oldest son chose her name. My middle daughter is Maci Marie and wanted Meadow Lee as her new sisters name.

I have
Seanna Elaine
Nadia Mabel
Pria Leona

I named my daughter Alice Katherine. Everyone loved it at the hospital because you don’t hear that name very often anymore. I also like Emory, Addison and Penelope.

I named my daughter renesmee elaine Ann

Lilly Lucy Robyn Grace Audrey Abbie All very solid pretty names my daughters Jayne :purple_heart:

My daughter’s name is Freya and I’ve yet to hear it anywhere else.


Isla (pronounced eye-la)

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Our girls are Karis (Greek for Grace) and Alyshialynn

I was having the same issue and couldn’t decide on a name until I was in labor. We went with Elora

My daughter is Gracelynn

My girls are called morgan and shyann