Needing baby girl name ideas!

Name ideas for a girl?


Needs to go with your surname so no idea

This is something you shouldn’t be asking advice for from strangers, it’s your baby… name it what your heart desires … go get a baby book


Ocean, Rayne, Pearl, Blossom

When I was trying to pick a name for my boy I would always watch the credits at the end of a movie to see if any stood out :slight_smile:

lilah, Lilian, Daisy, Margie, Megan,

I always chose a name that had meaning to me or spouse, normally a family name or variation of one. Like my first daughters name was the name my mother in law had mentioned she would have named a daughter if she had one, it was her second choice, because my name was actually her first choice. My son is named after my oldest male cousin (my dad’s twin’s oldest) but I reversed his first and middle name. My youngest is a combination of my daughters name and the name I had chosen for my son if he had been a girl (which was my great aunts name). And both my daughter have middle names that are family names too, like Lorin after my mother Lorie, and Lee which was my mother in law’s maiden name…