Needing baby girl name ideas

Needing names for a baby girl! I have two boys named Amaris and Uriel. Wanting a unique, pretty meaningful name for a babygirl


Willow rayne or journey ann are beautiful names

Melody , there was no others when I was growing up!

If id had a girl i wouldve named her Lelayah just cause i think its pretty lol :slight_smile:

My daughter is called ayva :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My daughter is named “Rhiannon”…in Welsh/Celtic means “great queen or godess”

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Bexley (Bexlea) - Bex for shorts (pronounced Becks-Lee)

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My daughter has the most unique name I have ever heard. Her name is Stanna Maxine.

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Amara means everlasting. Iris means rainbow. Arabella means lovely. Callie means most beautiful (my daughters middle name)

My girls names are Arianna Alanna and Amilianna

Fauna, Selene, Theia

My girls are more old fashioned but Caroline and Josie

My little girl is called Anaiyah-Jayde xxx

Lilith, Lenora, Leona, Aurora, Adelaide

Ariel combine the two boys name

My daughters names are Stormie and Anika.

Piper lilly addilynn. Annavayah nayvee journee

My daughter is Alanis Leeann. Alanis means “precious” and LeAnn means “light” or “beautiful”

Also Ulysses as a girl name meaning “odyssey”

Arya or Aria