Needing baby name advice!

I am looking for middle names or first names that go with Jeremiah as well as a first or middle name that goes with Xavier. I really am stuck between the two but don’t have a corresponding name for them. And Jeremiah Xavier doesn’t go well to me. Nor does Xavier Jeremiah. Or I’d use them both, haha. ; my first son goes by his middle name, so name order doesn’t matter for me as long as it sounds right.


I actually really like Jeremiah Xavier!!


What about Xavier James?

I need a last name to find a real flow…

I have Xavier Anthony

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I actually like both.

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Jeremiah Kai
Jeremiah Lane
Xavier Lane

Jeremiah Antony Xavier

One of my girls would have been Xavier Kenneth had they been a boy.


Jeremiah Xavier sounds really strong

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I have a Zachary Xavier

My son’s name is Asher Jeremiah Noah everyone loves it!

Jeremiah peter :heart_eyes:
We were gonna go with that name but it was to similar to Zachariah

Trenton Xavier is my son’s name

What helped me the most was looking at the meanings of names. I chose Because of the meaning.

Jeremiah James…
Jeremiah Jay
Jeremiah Steven
Kyle Jeremiah
Peter Jeremiah
Caleb Jeremiah
Xavier Richard
Xavier Ray
Xavier Cruz
Zion Xavier
John Xavier
Robin Xavier

George. James Logan David Scott Joseph

Jeremiah Lucas
Xavier Quinn or Quinton Xavier
I like the X letter in a name for obvious reasons lol I would spell it Lucax instead.

Jeremiah Noah / Xavier Aiden