Needing birthday party ideas for my children!

Last October, I gave birth to our 4th child. So that means her birth is approaching quickly. My dilemma here is that our firstborn’s birthday is also in October. Their birthdays are four days apart! I’m looking for birthday party ideas. Ways to make them both feel special. Especially this year is that it will be our youngest first birthday and our oldest will be turning 8… but this will be her first birthday having to share her birthday month & I don’t want her to feel any less special than the years before!! I’ll also add that our oldest is my husband’s daughter from a previous relationship. Her mother also had a baby on the 9th of October… so he will be one on the 9th. She turns eight the 15th, and then our youngest turns one on the 19th. So I think it’s important to not make her feel like her birthday month just got overrun by her new siblings lol. Thank you in advance for any and all ideas!


My birthday is October 19 also. I would DEFINITELY have them different cakes! And different balloons. Different themes, i know that’s a lot to ask for, but you know the oldest isn’t going to want a babies themed party, but at the same time…the baby isn’t going to care regardless lol

Have the party for the oldest. Give the 1 yr old a smash came and call it good. That sweet baby won’t know the difference and it makes no difference to the little one

I would have a party before her birthday just for her with some friends. Then for the one year old just have a smaller get together with just family closer to his birthday. They both get their own celebrations and no one feels like someone is impeeding on their special day.

Hate to tell you this but the one year ain’t even going to remember a damn thing. Concentrate on the others.

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I have 2 in October… 2 days apart… 10 years apart LOL The 18th and the 20th… I do 2 completely different parties…I make sure my oldest has her own party so she doesnt feel like she has to “share” weve been doing it 3 years and it seems to be fine…

We do joint parties for our 3 in June then another joint party in july for the 2 born that month. They get to design their own cakes and pick out their birthday dinner …i dont see any problems doing a joint party. Since the baby is so young let the older child pick out decorations etc.

My two old ears birthdays are 8 days apart. I just make sure that they have their own birthdays I make sure all birthday cards are down one day before the other now they are older I make sure they have the same money spent on them.
You daughter should be ok as it’s her birthday 1st so she will have had her day 1st and forgotten about.
Probably make it clear to family that you want both birthdays separate. I find that they come for the 1st ones or the second ones but not both so one child ends up having presents early or late.
It’s frustrating I don’t mind for some family members as they live quite far away so making 2 visits a week a part would be hard.
I’m lucky as there’s 3 yrs apart when they were little we would have a really good day out the weekend in the middle they have shared parties in the past and was happy with that but still had there own day. My youngest struggles as she see the other two getting presents near each other and she has to wait for hers to come round

My oldest 2 are 11 days apart.
My 2nd and 4th are 15 days apart.
With my first 2 my 2nd had his first birthday by himself and after that I did a coparty for them both.
With my 4th he will have his own first and join the other 2.
My oldest is going to be turning 13 so I don’t think she’ll be much into the party thing anymore … Just sleepovers and what not. But we’ve pretty much narrowed down our parties to family only anyhow.

My children’s birthday is on the 13th and 16th July
They have always shared a party. I baked them a cake each and they had their friends with them. That meant lots of children, luckily most years July was hot so the party was kept outdoors.
Children feel special if you take the time to show them.
Have fun.

Have a 6year old birthday followed by 7yeard old birthday 5 days later and then 3year olds birthday 3 days after that. Each gets birthday cake and present on actual birthday but then all 3 have a joint birthday party :slightly_smiling_face:

Have two different parties, one for each of them. The eight year old will feel you haven’t forgotten about her by her having her own party. And that way the babies turning one can have their one year parties to themselves. Only do big parties for “important” birthdays (one, 10, golden birthday, etc). And do smaller get togethers for the others. My son will be turning 8 in October and I am due with girl on October 20th, they will be having separate parties so neither will ever feel left out or overlooked for having the same birth month. Luckily my other son was born in June so no problem there.

Superhero theme. The little one year could be wonder women (one-Der for a cute play on words) then the oldest another character.

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I’d skip baby’s 1st altogether. With all the restrictions it’s probably better any way and bubs not gonna remember anyway. Give the 8 yr old a party to remember as so much in her life is changing and I’m sure she’s been feeling a little lost and alone this year with everything at both homes and the lack of school and time with her friends.


Same boat here. Both of mine are November and 4 days apart. I say screw it and do a combo party anyway. My kids didn’t care and loved it. Double the gifts :rofl:

…ask the 8 year old her opinion and how she feels. At 8 they are very capable of telling you their perspective on things.


My daughter turned 9 and my son turned one. Their birthdays are a day apart. We just let her pick the theme and it was pretty much her party. We had a smash cake, seperate cakes, and welcomed presents for him but for the most part it was her party because he wasn’t old enough to know the difference. The next year we just did two parties back to back. Hers first then his so she got her own and he got his own.

Do a pumpkin patch birthday. Fun for all ages

Do a joint party day so family and friends come once but split the time and decorations/theme to what each is into. I’d have the 1 year old go first so they can go down for a nap if need be. Then make the second half of the day for the oldest. I also like having a small cake or ice cream for them both on their respective days and maybe one gift each to open that special day from mom and dad

I’d do separate celebrations. Don’t have to be huge just personalized for each kid

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