Needing breastfeeding advice

I’m looking for suggestions on a breast pump. I’m pregnant with #3 and have yet to find one I like, which is important since our first two kids couldn’t latch, so I solely pumped for six weeks straight. I need one that has the battery power option. I’m tired of being chained to a wall. Also, because I haven’t been able to really breastfeed, any suggestions or thoughts on making the experience any better? I extremely resent my breast pump. It takes time away from being with my newborn and other kids, and so far, I’ve only had pumps that use cords, so I’m stuck in the nursery, and it’s just been a really rough experience with the last two, so anything to make it a better experience would be much appreciated.


Can’t help with the pump, but wanted you to know my first 2 couldn’t latch on, but with my 3rd latched on straightaway and had no problems so you maybe lucky as well! Good luck x

The medela freestyle is amazing. Can use batteries and has a charging cord. The battery stays charged for quite sometime. I pumped for 6 weeks also as I had a preemie.

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Try a nipple guard, u can breastfeed without the baby technically latching to your nipple

Elvie. Or willow I know someone who uses them at work you still gotta be careful when your moving but it can be done

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Spectra S1 is chargeable. I havnt had my daughter yet so idk how good it is Pumping but I’ve read really good reviews for it.

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This is the one I used with all 5 of my babies while I worked… love it! Battery or cord.

The areola needs to be in his mouth not just the nipple. Squeeze your boob in half. I have a 44 G bra size and it was hard for me but as soon as I realized pushing babies head while squeezing the whole breast in half worked I nursed for almost 2 years. You will be engorged at first so you might self express them before trying because it’s almost impossible to bend the boob in half.

My babies daddy squeezed my boob while I held baby and pushed his mouth against me several times before he finally got it. They actually have videos on the technique at the hospital. Just ask them

you may want to try nipple shields to help your baby latch

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I had to use a nipple shield for all 4 of mine and it helped them latch and I never pumped with either baby

I have no advice on breastfeeding as my son had some issues with that at the beginning then had a hard time trying to continue with it. But the pump I use is the madela swing pump. Can be used as batteries (4x AA) or plugged in. I am just starting to wean from pumping and my son just turned a year. It still works great. It also worked when travelling.

I loved my hand held one and it worked well… it gave me a chance to walk around and not worry about it dropping and breaking and not having to worry if I had batteries all the time

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Lansinoh signature pro is what I had and I LOVED it. It’s corded or battery operated. I got a hands free band to wear with it. You put it around you, zip up the front, and slip the pumps in both sides. You can pump and have your hands free. If you put batteries in the machine then you can walk around with it while it does its thing.

I got medela swing electric. Was fab

Grab a Haakaa as well!

I have the Motif Luna and I love it!! Has great suction and my son loves the bottles it comes with. Comes with connection cord to recharge pump; battery :battery: lasts a while before needing to be recharged

Nipple shield for both of my Littles and planning on using it again for this new babe :blush: Used the shield the entire 6 months they both breastfed for

I have a portable medela. It has a wall plug plus the option for battery power. You can easily buy the wrap for it so you dont have to hold the cups in place.

No need for battery or plug. No noise either. Compact easy to carry