Needing Christmas ideas for a toddler

Okay, Christmas gifts for a 2.5 yr old boy!!! It was only going to be 3-4 gifts, but my fiance’s work gave him a $50 amazon card, and he wants to use it on our son.


Clothes, shoes, educational toys, outdoor toys, favorite animal toys

Look at Learning Resources or Melissa and Doug toys for his age

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Play dough sets are cool!! Mine is same age and loves them

Books, wood puzzles, floor puzzles

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Cars, wooden puzzles, books, dinosaurs, an outfit

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Big puzzels, shape sorters, car, truck.

I have a son the same age. I’m getting him a kids guitar, Thomas the train pop up tent, set of Thomas books and a soft set baseball and bat.

Aquadoodle all the fun of painting none of the mess

Tell your son to choose a few things he likes off Amazon and surprise him with what you gauge he seems to like the most!

All my kids ages 18 months, 5, and 9 all love these…the also have some for about $13 that dont have as many features that we started with and they love them just as much

You can never have too many blocks! We do the big blocks!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Love love love mega blocks. Melissa and Doug has a great assortment of age appropriate educational toys.

My son is 2.5 too. He just got a remote control dump truck and loves it .

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Get a tuff tray they are great. Ordered one for my 2 year old as he uses one in preschool and they do all sorts of activities on them :grin: i bought scrapers etc to use for mark making with foam etc.
Failing that he has, toy story toys alot that he doesn’t already have, peppa pig toys and books. Monster trucks :laughing:

I’m looking into a balance bike for my 2 1/2 yr old. The big kids are getting game consoles so I wanted to find my little guy something special too. I’m thinking the balance bike may benefit him especially come summer time. The one I like has changeable back wheels to help him learn.

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Cars puzzles blocks toy bowling kit DVDs of favorite shows balls dinosaurs train set books kids tents…ect

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Books. There are all kinds of great learning books for young children. They will get them started and have fun at the same time.

My son is the same age, and we found him some awesome trucks, and a book about dinosaurs that comes with dinosaurs and makes Dino sounds. They were both on Amazon

Toy tools are big with my 3yr old right now
Learning games work book th type things
Crayola wonder mess free coloring sheets and markers are big in our house as well (they only color on the special paper)