Needing Christmas ideas for a toddler

I bought my son the leapfrog leap pad to help him start learning to read. We also bought him a vtech racetrack, a drum/instrument set, and some books. We just went with stuff we know he loves

Legos, duplo ones, trains/trucks/tracks( wooden) finger painting, paw patrol, strider bike,

I say go off of his personality and the things he enjoys on a regular basis! My son loves singing and music in general so we got him a kids karaoke machine. He also LOVES pretending to fix things and helping mom clean so we got him a tool set and a toy sweeper that actually picks up dirt

Something that lights up! Go into the search bar for Amazon & just type in “toys for toddlers” & a bunch of ideas should pop up!

Whatever your specific xhild is rwally into that will make them light up.

Chunky puzzles, blocks, cars

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Trains or dinosaurs. They had a cool dinosaur truck

Lego duplo train sets

Books, blocks, puzzles, coloring books, balls

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Kohls had kitchen sets on sale for 50$ I got one for my 2 year old.:grin:

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Lil people activity sets n vehicles

Does he have a train set? My son loves his Thomas and friends trains and tracks. He’ll sit there and play all by himself.

Just search “gifts for toddlers” on amazon lol

If he likes matchbox cars, you can get those

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Discovery magnets off Amazon. They are awesome!

A strider type bike. The one’s without pedals. That was my son’s favorite thing at that age and it taught him balance. So when he was ready for pedals he didn’t need training wheels after he figured out how to pedal.

Mega blocks. Dinosaurs. Mini 4 wheeler (Walmart had them last year for $40). Fisher price little people sets (my son is 2&1/2 and is a big fan of the farm)

Learning games
Ball pit
Play tent/tunnel

LEGOs, construction toys, puzzles, easel