Needing Christmas ideas for my husband!

What is everyone getting for Christmas? i need ideas for my husband! He doesn’t care for clothes & he can get good tools and stuff from work (he’s a mechanic). I’m just stuck in the mud with this! I got him some slippers today so he has something other than his boots to wear, especially around the house so the floors don’t get oil on them.


my boyfriend and are going to get couples massages.

A date night, hotel with jacuzzi, room service, couples messages… the works :slightly_smiling_face:


I think guys like cologne and nice comfy pajama /house pants.

Tickets to his favorite teams game

I love giving “experience” gifts.

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Every day in our house is Christmas, we don’t do gifts. If we need or want something we buy it. Saves all the hassle’s of finding something and stressing over it. Listen when he talks, might give you an idea or if you have something in mind, bring it into conversation to see if he wants it. Kids are a good way to get info also. Have them ask so they can get him something if that’s what you do in your house.


How can I ask a question?

I bought my husband a tweezer set, cause he is always asking for mine…and I went from 3 to 1…can’t afford to lose the last one, lol. He also loves good cigars

A huge cooler, fill it with his favorite goodies, sub sandwich makings ( go for lots of exotic meats, cheeses, peppers and spreads to mix it up), treats, strap a small tent or umbrella and two chairs, pick a quiet campground or beach or park, have an outdoor date.

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I always make mine baskets. For his birthday I gave him a home depot gift card, his fav snacks beef jerky and candy, slippers, new pajamas. I’ve given beer of the month club memberships, hoodies, snack crates

I don’t know what to say to you bc i haven’t given my husband a presents since i don’t know when lol. I used to give him tools, cologne, slippers. But now he has too many tools of all kinds. He has too many golf clubs. He doesn’t wear slippers. He doesn’t wear cologne. He doesn’t wear any type of jewelry. So i just stopped giving him stuff. Sometimes we just go out and have fun. He didn’t buy me a present last 2 yrs but im ok. I don’t need something i don’t wear or use.

Try getting him something that has to do with his hobbies. Mine likes working on vehicles and riding motorcycles and playing games so I got him a $1000 gift card for summit racing so he can get the parts he needs for his latest project truck

My husband is mechanic too and He don’t want anything. I get so stuck with this. I bought him a man’s devotion book, the ear piece for his phone and I’m going to buy him a personalized blanket

Cologne, Hickory Farms food gift, gift cards…

We always give the gift of things to do together around here. Weekend away, trip to the zoo, dinner gift cards. We find time together is much more fun than a physical gift.


I like go to the mountains hotal hot tub a getaway

Gift cards, valet, tennis shoes, new socks, cologne, bath gift package for men, dvd!

Donate to his favorite charity!!

Gift certificate to his favorite place