Needing Christmas ideas for my husband

So not a mom question…but I NEED HELP!!! Sorry if it’s a bit long… Sooo my husband and I have been together for ten years with three kids. I am COMPLETELY at a loss at what to get him for Christmas & need ideas!! Last year I bought him a new ring; I have ready bought him every personal gift I can think of, every dad shirt I’ve seen, coffee cups/mugs. I know I am getting him shoes, but other than that, I have no idea!! Also, he doesn’t play game or golf or really use tools…any ideas would be MUCH APPRECIATED!!! Thank you


Does he hunt or fish? Movies or books?

I bought mine a squaty potty. Lol.

How about a nice watch?

I thought about getting my husband and our only son a matching gift if thats an idea you wanna run with? 🤷

Does he like fishing? New fishing lures are always a good one if so.
Movies maybe? Hot sauces to try. New clothes, maybe a watch or a nice jacket? You mentioned shoes, but how about some nice house slippers too? A nice shave kit maybe?

I asked my mom to watch the kids one night and morning so we could have a date night!
Our kids are up bewteen 6 and 7am no matter what time they go to bed.
A nice dinner and sleeping in…a gift for both us!

Guys are sooo hard. I’m in the same boat with my husband

Boudoir photos of yourself!


Gold class movie tickets, massage voucher, night at a hotel, fishing charter, brewery tour x

I got my husband “hey dude” shoes

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Personalized grilling spatula or beer mug/glass. A yeti cup with homemade trail mix as a side.

How about a weekend getaway just the two of you at a nice hotel

I’m going to have my kids help make these. :woman_shrugging: I too am at a loss

I got my partner a bow and arrow for Xmas this year I brought him a new rod ect last year :heart: good luck :slight_smile:

Does he have beard? Beard oil set?

Sexy pictures of you

Hand print molds of kids

Slippers. Snacks. Candy.

Maybe technical stuff…Tablet ipad digital radio cd player headphones cds dvds

What about a donation to a local charity in his name…