Needing Christmas ideas for my husband

My Honey likes Star wars Lego

Does he grill, cook, use a smoker?

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Maybe a guys night out

I ordered a man crate full of jerky… it has everything from elk to ostrich in it. He is a hunter


Mine asked for a outdoor pizza maker, cologne, and a triHold wallet.

Date night just you and him . Even if it is just being home alone. Make him a nice dinner and dessert offer a massage or just have cuddle time on the couch. Tell him how much you love him.

Drone … Winter sports gear … Snowboard… Bluetooth winter hat …

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Gift card to get a shave and haircut by a high end barber

Whenever my husband says something is neat or sounds super interested throughout the year, I buy it right then in there or save a note in my phone for a special occasion. This past summer, he had a hour long conversation with me about how his boss had a dog cam that could throw treats to the dogs… so that’s has been hiding in my closet since like July. :joy:

But on occasions when I have nothing on lock down like that, I get him something silly. I had socks with our faces on them made for 3rd anniversary. (I’ve seen underwear like this too)

Tickets for.yall to go to a concert or show


Chez Wiz. I buy 2 jars a year, 1 for Christmas and another for his birthday. 🤷

Buying my man a gift certificate to have his truck detailed.


when in doubt buy lingerie :joy:


Make him a personalized blanket. With pics of yalls family.

Free blow job anytime anywhere booklet! Make it fun!


Make a gift basket with like little snacks he likes and small trinkets.

This and a polaroid camera. :slight_smile:

Buy him a car wash certificate… Gym membership, or make a book with personal tickets like a massage,night out, etc

Get him a personalized wallet (or anything really) from Swanky Badger :orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart: (add some sexy pics in the wallet)

I’m getting my boyfriend a foot massager. He’s on his feet all day and they always hurt. Win!