Needing Christmas ideas!

I need some Christmas ideas! So this year, we want to try the four gift method. Something you want, something you need, something you wear, something you read. I just feel like my kids will appreciate their gifts so much more if we do it that way, and we won’t go broke trying to do it. My question is, what are some ideas for the “something you need” gift? I have a 6, 4, and 2 years old. That’s the only one I’m having trouble figuring out. Thank you in advance!


PJ’s, slippers, robe


My mom got us a new blanket and sheet set every Christmas.

I usually do toothbrushes as stocking stuffers. But if you do a bundle? Get them fancy toothbrushes that light up or play music. And get them their own mouthwashes. They have cool ones with characters and pumps.

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Toothbrush and toothpaste, bubble bath. Combs/ brushes.

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Shoes, clothes, new bed sheets/pillows

Maybe new winter coats, gloves and hats. If you can afford it.


Clothes, shoes, maybe an educational game

P.s. this is a very awesome idea also. Thank you for sharing… So many people go broke when it really isn’t necessary to.

Nice, new backpacks or cool school supplies?

Cloths, bath stuff, bedding set

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My parents bought us underwear and socks every Christmas. Even as adults. :woman_facepalming:t4:

For a two year old? Don’t they need everything? Lol but really new PJs with characters they like or pop up books or texture touchable type books. They have really fun bath kits for them too, that has color paint foam that you can also way them with and other little things in it like tooth brush and all that type stuff but that appeals to them. PJs is a good idea for all their ages too. But for the older two, new warm fluffy blankets and also school and daycare supplies, like back packs and crayons, coloring books. New shoes if needed. Or ear muffs and mittens. Knit hats. Their own Christmas cups. Really I could keep going. Didn’t have alot of money when my kids were those ages so I had to get inventive too.

Clothes , socks , pajamas

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When we did that method, we would do a trip to someplace fun (the want) with a gift certificate (home-made coupon) for anything they wanted to eat at the restaurant we’d enjoy while on the trip (amusement park, hike, boat ride, whatever) so they could have ice cream for dinner, pizza, whatever. Then the wear was a shirt from the place we were going to visit or some item of clothing related to the adventure and the read was a book about or a journal to record entries about the trip or some book related to the trip (a hiking / survival guide for when we went hiking, etc.)

Also kids that age rarely think about something being brand new. You can actually find awesome things at thrift stores and yard sales. Thrift stores are better for more gently used. But I did my share of picking over every thrift store in town. Just don’t wait till last minute for those options though. Nice and cheap things go quick towards end of November.

Underwear and toothpaste

Also never underestimate the value of things you make yourself for them. Kids love making things for their parents, and they love getting things made by their parents at this age. It doesn’t have to be elaborate either. You can get a plain red place mat, like for the table ya know, get some green and red paint. Using your hand you make a circle of hand prints with green paint with your fingers splayed outward, it creates a wreath, use your finger tips at the center of each print to make red berries. You can make one for each of them with their name on. Or do it as a family activity with results you can keep their whole lives. And you’ll spend less than ten dollars for materials. That’s just one is but there’s so many. That one was from my child hood though we did ours on hemp mats.i still have it, later did the same with my kids and still have those

Underwer, socks, pj’s, diapers, shoes

How about a coupon type thing for a day out (one on one) give the child a couple options and let them pick the activity. Who doesn’t need one on one attention :heart: